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Newsletter Process and Best Practices

E-Newsletter Process

The CLA Communications Office will help facilitate the distribution of e-newsletters to alumni and donors via iModules, the university's email system.

Print Newsletter Process

If you would like a print piece, the cost of hiring a designer, printing and mailing is the responsibility of the department. If you are interested in this option, please contact Cara King for a recommended designer.

  • Send Word documents of initial text to Cara King
  • Review by CLA Communications/Dean’s Office and Advancement (if solicitation)
  • Return to department/program for changes
  • Send edited/approved Word document(s) and photos to designer
  • Submit output request for mailing addresses
  • Send PDF of designed newsletter to CLA Communications for University Marketing and Communications review
  • Return to department/program for final changes (if any)
  • Once approved, print

Note: This process normally takes 10 to 15 business days and is managed by CLA Communications.

Newsletter Contacts 

Best Practices 

  1. Try to send an e-newsletter and/or update email at least once a year to alumni and donors. Ideally, communication should be distributed as quickly after an event or newsworthy announcement as possible to keep the newsletter as relevant and current as possible.

  2. Select an editor for the publication. The editor checks for readability, reviews for consistency, accuracy, spelling and grammatical errors; and takes responsibility for the final document. 

  3. Limit your newsletter to no more than five stories. That is all that can go in the newsletter email. 

  4. Plan at least three weeks for all Dean’s Office and university approvals. This timeframe includes building the newsletter and iModules email, and the approval process. It does not include design time for printed newsletters.

  5. Make sure the text and any supporting graphics follow university brand standards — utilize the AP Stylebook and Cal Poly Style Guide. CLA departments must follow these guidelines for all external communication pieces.

  6. Use photos and other imagery. Include student artwork and student photos. Please use the Cal Poly Visual/Audio Release Forms

  7. Write concise, attention-grabbing headlines and content.

  8. Don’t include content that is more than one year old. 

  9. Unless your stories are really engaging, don’t include more than six articles and keep each article to 500-700 words.   

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