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CLA Career Series

CLA Career Series

The College of Liberal Arts and Career Services are joining together to offer a year full of professional development opportunities tailored to CLA majors.

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The Power of Doing Campaign

The Power of Doing

Cal Poly was founded on the philosophy and the practice of Learn by Doing. More than ever, it is essential to the impact our students and alumni have had and will have on the world.

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Inclusion Starts with Me Teach In

You're invited to the fourth Inclusion Starts with Me Teach In on Thursday, Feb. 13 - a daylong series of diversity and inclusion talks and workshops.

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CLA is committed to diversity and inclusion

CLA Diversity

The College of Liberal Arts sees diversity as central to its mission and is committed to fostering an inclusive environment within the college and university.

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Impact Magazine 2019

Impact Magazine

Impact Magazine 2019 celebrates Learn by Doing in the CLA.

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CLA Underrepresented Students Network

Are you a CLA student from an underrepresented group? Connect with a peer mentor today with CLA USN!

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The Link

Read about the latest news and endeavors of CLA students, alumni and faculty in The Link

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A Liberal Arts and Engineering (LAES) student wearing a virtual reality (VR) while working on a Virtual Reality (VR) project

Expressive Technology Studios

Learn about the Expressive Technology Studios (ETS), an exciting new space on campus for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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English students on Cal Poly campus

CLA Departments and Majors

Find out more about our diverse departments and majors.

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Cal Poly's College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is among the most diverse and selective in the California State University system, housing 17 departments in the humanities, social sciences, communications and performing arts. The college is a leader in Cal Poly’s mission to offer a truly comprehensive polytechnic education, providing nearly one-third of the university’s instruction.

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CLA students work on projects in South Africa

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