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About the College of Liberal Arts

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Cal Poly's College of Liberal Arts (CLA) infuses a liberal arts education with meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities through laboratories, project-based and service-learning activities, and internships. Additionally, CLA’s leadership in interdisciplinary endeavors and its entrepreneurial spirit gives students unique opportunities to push boundaries and innovate through multidisciplinary projects and teams.

With its deep roots in creative thinking, human understanding and innovative action, CLA gives all Cal Poly students the tools to thrive in a complex, multicultural world.

Liberal Arts "Sin Fronteras"

Dean Philip Williams has a vision of providing a liberal arts education sin fronteras: without borders, without boundaries and without barriers.

WITHOUT BORDERS — a liberal arts education that opens the world to our students through international educational opportunities, coursework and co-curricular activities.

WITHOUT BOUNDARIES — a liberal arts education that prepares our students for an increasingly interconnected world and exposes them to interdisciplinary collaboration and approaches.

WITHOUT BARRIERS — a liberal arts education that advances a culture of belonging – one in which every student feels that Cal Poly’s opportunities are fully available to them.

Download a PDF of the full magazineBoth data-driven, and vetted by members of our diversity community, the CLA's Diversity Action Plan will guide us for the next five years as we work toward creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive college across several fronts.

View the CLA Diversity Action Plan

Cal Poly is located in tiłhini, the Place of the Full Moon. We gratefully acknowledge, respect, and thank yak tityu tityu yak tiłhini, Northern Chumash Tribe of San Luis Obispo County and Region in whose homelands we are guests.

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