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External Email Process

Cal Poly uses a system called PolyLink to email alumni and donors. The CLA Communications team is the designated Polylink coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts. All Polylink communications are managed by the CLA Communications team.

Contact: Rachel Schultz, 805-756-1216

External Email Process

Note: This process normally takes 10 to 15 business days (department e-newsletters take longer than more simple emails like event announcements, etc.).

  1. Department to provide the following items to Rachel Schultz with CLA Communications (recommended three weeks in advance for e-newsletters):
    • Text with subject line in Word document 
    • URL links 
    • Target audience (e.g. all department alumni and donors)
    • Desired distribution date 
    • Sender email (cannot be personal email)
    • Supporting images and graphics as separate files (JPG or PNG)
      • Banner graphic: 600px by 274px
      • Feature image: 180px by 240px
  2. CLA Communications builds email or e-newsletter and sends a draft to department for review/approval
  3. CLA Communications sends draft to Dean’s Office and Advancement for review (if solicitation) 
  4. CLA Communications schedules email to send
  5. CLA Communications sends draft to University Marketing and Communications for review/approval
  6. Email is sent via Polylink


* In addition to the designated audience, a copy is sent to:

  1. Department chair
  2. Additional department personnel regularly responsible for PolyLink requests
  3. CLA Communications Office
  4. CLA Dean’s Office
  5. CLA Advancement

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