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CLA Communications Guidelines

As a college, it is important to represent Cal Poly consistently — both visually and in writing — to convey our excellence cohesively. The CLA communications team produces Impact Magazine, CLA News, and email announcements for faculty and staff. We are also liaisons between the college and the university communications.

CLA Communications Team

Cara King, Communications Specialist, 805-756-1216; 47-22J

    CLA Communications Best Practices

    • Who to Contact
      Not sure if something is a task for your department or the CLA communications team? Check out the CLA communications FAQs
    • Event Promotion
      For help promoting your event, follow the CLA event promotion process.  
    • Press Releases
      Use our press releases templates to draft press releases for local media outlets. Cal Poly uses the Associated Press Stylebook as its primary writing style guide. Additionally, university marketing has developed a customized guide with exceptions to AP rules for use in university publications and documents.
    • Logos or Word Marks
      Cal Poly created several versions of wordmarks for each department. Some include the Cal Poly shield, others are just a word treatment. Department offices should have the official Cal Poly variations for the department. Be sure to follow proper Cal Poly logo use. Do not modify these in any way.
    • External Email Correspondence
      All emails to external audiences (e.g., alumni and donors) are sent via PolyLink by the CLA communications team. Follow the external email process to help ensure an efficient process. 
    • Newsletters
      All departments are encouraged to produce newsletters. To assist in providing a smooth and efficient process, please review the newsletter best practices.
    • Department Websites
      The CLA Drupal user guide will help you navigate simple changes on your department's website. For more advanced revisions, submit a request to the CLA Communications web team. Cal Poly Drupal is also an excellent resource with step-by-step guides and how-to videos. Be sure to keep web accessibility in mind when creating pages. 
    • Graphic Design
      Cal Poly provides guidelines on visual brand elements — colors, typefaces and more — to help your department stay on brand. Please send pieces that will be displayed for more than two months to Cara King for approval. Learn how to best design posters/flyers and other documents or use Cal Poly templates.
    • Promotional Items
      Cal Poly has a list of manufacturers that are licensed to produce items with Cal Poly trademarks. Any promotional items CLA departments order need to be from one of these manufacturers. After you send the manufacturer your department’s artwork, they should send you a PDF proof to review. They will also send a PDF to Cal Poly licensing who will approve the item or not. To simplify the process, the university has created examples of approved designs.
    • Faculty Social Media and Digital Communication
      Tips and guidelines on how to best utilize social media and writing for public-focused publications to elevate the reach of your research and industry expertise. 
    • Photography

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