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CLA Curriculum Review Process

As the Quarter-to-Semester (Q2S) plans are underway, the registrar has adopted a four-year catalog (2022-2026). As such, all changes made prior to this time are "out of cycle" proposals. Please pay close attention to deadlines and information about the catalog proposal process via the Office of the Registrar. The information provided below gives the College of Liberal Arts' specific deadlines and instructions for submitting courses under university's continuous curriculum review process. 

What types of changes can be made via continuous review?

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not accurate during Quarter-to-Semester Conversion - please check with your curriculum chair for exact information in terms of what is allowed during this time. 

  • New courses
  • New G.E. courses 
  • New USCP courses 
  • Existing courses (modifications only; deletions/deactivations cannot be submitted) 
  • Selected Topics or Subtitle courses* 

* If you are proposing a 270/470 or 271/471, please use the Selected Topics Course Proposal form; If you are proposing a subtitle for an "umbrella" topics course, please fill out this Subtopics Proposal Form. See deadlines and more information below. 

How can a new course be submitted?

  • All faculty proposing new courses should discuss with their chair prior to starting this process to find out about department specific curricular policies and plans. 
  • New courses are submitted as a part of the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system found on the “Academic” tab in your portal.  
  • All new course proposals must be accompanied by the DLO Supplemental Form (attach in the CIM under "Supporting Documents"). 
  • See a sample template here to assist you in the process.
  • Memos must accompany courses that have potential overlap or that may impact other programs (see more information and memo templates here).
  • More information can be found in the Curriculum Handbook; deadlines can be found below. 

How can a Selected Topics or Special Topics course be submitted?

  • For 270/470 or 271/471, please use the Selected Topics Course Proposal form.
    • Forms should be submitted first to your Department Chair, who will forward the proposal via email to the Chair of the College Curriculum Committee (Cc to Heidi Velasco and the Associate Dean for Diversity and Curriculum).
    • The submittal by the chair will be considered the chair's "signature" for the draft; final signatures will occur via Adobe Sign following all edits.
  • For all other proposed topics to an already established Topics class, please use the Subtopics Proposal Form.
  • For more information see the Selected Topics Courses of the Curriculum Handbook.  

What curriculum changes will need to be submitted through the regular curriculum review cycle?

  • New majors, new minors, or new concentrations
  • Courses that affect other programs
  • Existing courses being proposed for G.E. and/or USCP
  • Courses that change unit requirements for one's majors
  • Significant changes to majors or minors 
  • Deactivated courses

What are the dates for submitting materials to the CLA Curriculum Committee?

  • See the tables below for specific dates. Please note that the dates indicated for the registrar are hard deadlines. If you miss a date, your submissions will be reviewed for the next review cycle.

Who are the members of the College Curriculum Committee? 

Click here for the updated (2021) policy on membership in the CLA College Curriculum Committee. The CLA Curriculum SharePoint site has additional information; please contact the Chair of the Curriculum Committee for access to this site.



Christian Anderson

World Languages and Cultures

Spring, 2023


Karin Hendricks-Bolen

Theatre and Dance

Spring, 2023


Steven Ruszczycky

English Spring, 2024


Jane Lehr

Ethnic Studies

Spring, 2023

Social Sciences

Michael Latner

Political Science Spring, 2024


Elizabeth Folk

Art and Design

Spring, 2024


Sabrina Canady

CLA Advising

Spring, 2023
Media and Communications  Xiaoying Rong Graphic Communication Spring, 2023

Where can we get more information?

I. Time Table for Submitting NEW Courses Out of a Catalog Cycle

(A new course may be proposed outside of a catalog review cycle, if it does not create a new curriculum requirement for students on current or prior catalogs. For example, the new course may be an addition to a list of electives.)

Spring, 2023 Deadline passed Deadline passed
Summer/Fall 2023 Deadline passed January 27, 2023
Winter/Spring 2024 TBA TBA

II. Time Table for Submitting course EDITS proposing adding online modality (More dates coming soon)

Spring 2023 Deadline passed

Deadline passed

Summer/Fall 2023 Deadline passed January 27, 2023
Winter/Spring 2024 --- Unclear if a window will open for these quarters. 

III. Time Table for Submitting SUBTOPICS and SELECTED TOPICS Courses 

Winter, 2023 Deadline passed Deadline passed
Spring 2023 Deadline passed January 13, 2023
Summer, 2023 February 27, 2023 March 27, 2023
Fall, 2023 March 13, 2023 April 19, 2023
Winter, 2024 September 22, 2023 October 2, 2023

If a due date falls on the weekend or holiday, the next working day is acceptable. 

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