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Philip WilliamsDean
Philip Williams 


Bldg. 47, Room 31
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Philip Williams began his role as Dean of Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts in August 2019. Previously, he served as Director of the Center for Latin American Studies and Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida. He was also Co-Partnership Director for the Colombia-U.S. Human Rights Law School Program and co-directed the Program for Immigration, Religion, and Social Change (PIRSC). Williams received his M.Phil in Latin American Studies and D.Phil in Politics from the University of Oxford in 1986.

He is co-author of Living "Illegal": The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration (The New Press, 2011), Militarization and Demilitarization in El Salvador's Transition to Democracy (University of Pittsburgh 1997),The Catholic Church and Politics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica (Macmillan 1989), and co-editor A Place to Be: Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Mexican Immigrants in Florida’s New Destinations (Rutgers University Press, 2009) and of Christianity, Globalization, and Social Change in the Americas (Rutgers University 2001).

Williams has received a number of prestigious fellowships and grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, Fulbright, National Science Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Tinker Foundation, United States Agency for International Development, United States Department of Education, United States Institute of Peace, and United States Department of State.

Debra Valencia-LaverAssociate Dean for Administration
Debra Valencia-Laver


Bldg. 47, Room 31
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Penny BennettAssociate Dean for Student Success
Penny Bennett


Bldg. 47, Room 31
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Jennifer Teramoto PedrottiAssociate Dean for Diversity and Curriculum
Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti


Bldg. 47, Room 31
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STAFF Name & Title Office Phone email Pronouns

Administrative Support

Heidi Velasco Receptionist
Heidi Velasco
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-2359 email Heidi Velasco she/her/hers
Lynne Ricard, Assistant to the Dean Cal Poly CLA Assistant to the Dean
Lynne Ricard
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-2706 email Lynne Ricard she/her/hers
Margie Valine, Faculty Contracts Analyst Cal Poly CLA Faculty Contracts Analyst
Margie Valine
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-7678 email Margie Valine  
Melissa Bodin, Evaluations Process Analyst Cal Poly CLA Evaluations Process Analyst
Melissa Bodin
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-2337 email Melissa Bodin she/her/hers
Joy Sisler, Budget Analyst Cal Poly CLA Finance and Budget Analyst
Joy Sisler 
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-5755 email Joy Sisler she/her/hers

College Advisors

Sabrina Canady, Advising Cal Poly CLA Lead Academic Advisor
Sabrina Canady
Bldg. 47, Room 22B 805-756-6200 email Sabrina Canady she/her/hers
Katie Harris, Advising Cal Poly CLA Academic Advisor
Katie Harris
Bldg. 47, Room 22B 805-756-6200 email Katie Harris she/her/hers
Alejandra Cebreros, CLA Advising Multicultural Academic Advisor
Alejandra Cebreros
Bldg. 47, Room 22B 805-756-6200 email Alejandra Cebreros she/her/hers
Pauline Dominguez

Academic Advisor
Pauline Dominguez

Bldg. 47, Room 22B 805-756-6200 email Pauline Dominguez  

Advancement Office

David Cohune, Assistant Dean for Advancement Cal Poly CLA Assistant Dean for Advancement
David Cohune
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-7056 email David Cohune  
Jacquelyn Hayes, Director of Advancement Cal Poly CLA Director of Advancement
Jacquelyn Hayes
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-7052 email Jacquelyn Hayes  
Debi Schwartz, Administrative Coordinator Cal Poly CLA Administrative Coordinator
Debi Schwartz
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-6246 email Debi Schwartz she/her/hers

College Communications

Rachel Schultz, Cal Poly CLA Communication Specialist Communication Specialist
Rachel Schultz
Bldg. 47, Room 22J 805-756-1216 email Rachel Schultz she/her/hers
Krista Smith, Cal Poly CLA Online Communication Specialist Online Communication Specialist
Krista Smith
Bldg. 47, Room 22K 805-756-2986 email Krista Smith she/her/hers

CLA Tech Support

Jennifer Hodges Cal Poly CLA Tech Computer and Technology Support
Jennifer Hodges
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-1252 email Jennifer Hodges  
Jeff Yeackle Cal Poly CLA Tech Computer and Technology Support
Jeff Yeackle
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-1252 email Jeff Yeackle  
Scott Kraczek Computer and Technology Support
Scott Kraczek
Bldg. 47, Room 31 805-756-1252 email Scott Kraczek  


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