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Communications FAQ

CLA Communications Team

Cara King, Communications Specialist, 805-756-1216; 47-22J

Who should I contact?


Your Department

CLA Comm. Team

Adding/editing office hours  X  
Adding/editing Tentative Course Offerings pages X  
Adding/editing Faculty information (phone/office numbers, name changes etc.)  X  
Uploading a document X  
Creating links to a document X  
News item (Event listing, classroom report etc.) X  
Basic page and link article to another page  X  
Rich media embedding (video, SoundCloud, etc.)   X
Creating online newsletter   X
New website section   X
New website set-up   X
Anything requiring more than basic web page design   X


Your Department

CLA Comm. Team

Poster/flyer  X  
Image editing   X
Anything requiring extensive graphic design    X


Your Department

CLA Comm. Team

Press Release   X
(send draft for review)
Cal Poly Report Submission   X
(send draft for review)
Portal Announcement   X
(send draft for review)
Article or Feature Story suggestion   X
Department newsletter/recent news page X  

Social Media

Your Department

CLA Comm. Team

Suggestion for department post X  
Suggestion for CLA profile post   X
Creating new account   X

How do I promote my event?



Design and print flyers You/event organizer/department designs and handles printing. CLA Communications can offer feedback.
Send Press Release You/event organizer email draft to Cara King to edit/approve/distribute
CLA Online Calendar You/event organizer submit information to CLA Communications
Monthly Newsletter You/event organizer submit information to CLA Communications
Cal Poly Portal You/event organizer submit information to CLA Communications
Post event to Community Calendars You/event organizer submits information to outlets of your choosing

You can request much of what’s above by filling out a Promotion Request Form and consulting the outlined Event Promotion Process.


To use photos, artwork, illustrations, audio and/or video of CLA students, alumni or guests in communication pieces, the department/program must have a signed Visual/Audio Release Form (PDF).

For events or large crowds, in lieu of individual photo releases, post a photo/video sign on all event entrances (PDF).

If you would like a CLA staff/intern photographer present at your event, see the Photography Request Checklist.  

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