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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty & Staff Resources
Faculty and staff at the September 2006 unveiling ceremony of the College of Liberal Arts sign, designed by Kathryn McCormick (Art and Design). Photo credit: Renee Lowe Photographs (Art and Design, '04)

  • Cal Poly and CLA Travel Policies and Forms
    Forms and guidelines for faculty travel.
  • Quarterly Faculty Memo
    Important quarterly updates from the dean's office. 
  • Communications Guidelines
    Cal Poly communication guidelines and useful tools and information for promoting events.
  • Curriculum Review Process
    The information provided below gives the College of Liberal Arts' specific deadlines and instructions for submitting courses under university's continuous curriculum review process.
  • Dean's Office Staff Directory
    A list of and contact information for all staff in the Dean's Office of the College of Liberal Arts.
  • CSU Student Research Competition
    Encourage your students to enter into this research competition that promotes scholarly excellence and recognizes outstanding student accomplishment throughout 23 campuses of the California State University
  • Faculty Research
    Learn more about research opportunities and resources.
  • Academic Senator Information
    Academic senators are the elected CLA faculty voice in the Academic Senate body. The senators and caucus chairs are a great resource for faculty to interface with the administration and bring college- and department-level issues forward.



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