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Music Equipment Requirements

Student Requirements During COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are planning to be on campus in the fall, there will be strict protocols in place regarding sanitation and personal protective equipment for anyone entering campus buildings. Efforts to keep the Davidson Music Center sanitized and safe for everyone's protection include requiring music majors to have two items:

  • A fold-up music stand
  • Regular access to a piano/keyboard

There are many brands of stands available, and your choice should be sturdy, yet lightweight, as you will be carrying it with you to rehearsals and lessons. One option is the Eastar EMS-1 stand which comes with a rechargeable light, stand clips for outdoor use and a carrying case.

You will also need regular access to a well-tuned piano or electronic keyboard for your required Piano Skills classes. These classes will be offered virtually, and you will need to practice every day. You must have either a piano/keyboard at your home, or access to a practice room at Cal Poly; and for now, practice rooms are only available to music majors taking private (applied) piano lessons. If you do not have a piano/keyboard at home, you will need to secure access to one or purchase a keyboard.

Acceptable options must have at least 76 keys that are touch-sensitive so you can play dynamics. Plus a headset jack, built-in speakers, an AC adapter, an instrument stand, and it must come with a pedal — or one that can be purchased separately. The Casio WK245 is a good option, as is the Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA, but you may need to purchase a pedal separately for the Yamaha.

Sources include Amazon and other online retailers. You will be using the keyboard during your entire time at Cal Poly to work not only on piano repertoire, but also on your theory assignments, musicianship, etc., so it is a good investment and allows you to practice in your place of residence. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

Many of us are experiencing a variety of losses and some are quite severe. Students who are experiencing financial hardship may apply for a grant through Cal Poly Cares. Students who are not federal Title IV eligible, including international and undocumented students, are also allowed to apply.

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