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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Join the campus community for a daylong series of talks and workshops centered around equity and social justice designed to inform and inspire!  

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8-9 a.m.

Mobile Health: Bringing Medical and Preventive Healthcare to Underserved Populations in Our Region
  • Suzanne Phelan (Kinesiology)
  • Cristina Macedo (Center for Health Research)
  • Anita Kelleher (Center for Health Research)
  • Karen Munoz-Christian (World Languages and Cultures)
Bldg. 33, Rm. 286
Class Behind Bars: Co-Education with the Women in San Luis Obispo County Jail
  • Ryan Alaniz (Social Sciences)
  • Sociology students
Bldg. 6, Rm. 124
1619 - Introduction to the 1619 Project: Black Life and Culture
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

9-10 a.m.

An Indifference to Difference: Realistic (yet Optimistic) Approaches to Dealing with Diversity in the Modern City
  • Farah Al-Nakib (History)
Bldg. 26, Rm. 221
Activating Asian American Students at a Primarily White Institution (PWI)
  • Lilianne Tang (Cross Cultural Centers)
  • Olivia Tran (Cross Cultural Centers)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Perspectives from Cal Poly's Multiracial Community
  • Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti (CLA Associate Dean for Diversity and Curriculum)
  • Kari Mansager (University Housing)
  • Roberta Wolfson (English)
  • Jay Bettergarcia (Psychology)
  • Alyiah Gonzales (Multicultural Center) 
Bldg. 7 (ATL), Rm. 2

9-11 a.m.

Who Are You? Owning and Presenting Your Privileged Identities
  • Emily Ryalls (Interdisciplinary  Studies in the Liberal Arts)
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt (Communication Studies)
Bldg. 22, Rm. 314
Equitable Teaching Practices in College STEM Courses Workshop
  • Stan Yoshinobu (Mathematics)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
1619 - Family Separation Since 1492
  • Jenell Navarro (Ethnic Studies)
  • Blanca Martinez-Navarro (Dean of Students Office)
  • Grace Yeh (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

10-11 a.m.

Our OWN: An Analysis of Inclusion in Feminist Media and Spaces
  • Katie Ettl (Cross Cultural Centers)
Bldg. 10, Rm. 126
Cal Poly Privilege: Investigating Our Campus Demographics
  • Sara Lopus (Social Sciences)
  • Katya Vasilaky (Economics)
Bldg. 7 (ATL), Rm. 2
Designing for Everyone: Adopting an Inclusive Design Approach at Cal Poly and Beyond
  • John Lee (Disability Resource Center)
  • Lauren Cooper (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brian Self  (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kevin Taylor (Kinesiology) 
Bldg. 26, Rm. 221

11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Social, Economic, and Health Inequities: Implications for a Tobacco-free California (part of the Center for Health Research Seminar Series)
  • Valerie Yerger (UCSF) 
Bldg. 3, Rm. 213

11 a.m.-1 p.m.

1619 - Black Humor as Expressions of Social Critique and Radical Cultural Joy
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies) 
  • Amber Williams (Psychology)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114

11:30-1 p.m.

Art and Activism: How to Use Art for Social Justice
  • Anna Ríos-Rojas (Susan Currier Visiting Professor and Assoc. Professor in the Department of Education Studies at Colgate University)
Bldg. 124, Rm. 117

12-1 p.m.

Using Wikipedia to Teach Queer Politics 
  • R.G. Cravens (Political Science)
Bldg. 21, Rm. 235
Just Leisure: The Past, Present, and Future of the Intersection of Social Justice and “Free Time”
  • Jerusha Greenwood (Experience Industry Management)
  • Marni Goldenberg (Experience Industry Management)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 10, Rm. 111
Harm Reduction Where it’s Needed Most: Establishing Overdose Prevention Programs for People in the County Jail
  • Candace Winstead (Biological Sciences)
  • Jail overdose prevention student/alumni volunteers
Bldg. 53, Rm. 206
Five Figures: Examining the Lives of Five Historical African American Men and How Their Contributions to Culture and Thought Changed America
  • Brandon Roul (Men & Masculinity) 
  • Nick Bilich (Men & Masculinity) 
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 5, Rm. 104

12-2 p.m.

1619 - The 400-Year Anniversary of American Slavery - Session I (Research in African Chattel Slavery and its Legacies)
  • Alpen Razi (Ethnic Studies)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)
Art and Activism (Screenprinting, button and poster making, tsuru making, and activist art slideshow)
  • Elizabeth Folk (Art and Design)
  • Lisa Kawamura (Communication Studies)
  • Art and Design students
Bldg. 34, Rm. 128
Building White Allyship in the Classroom: How to Address Campus Bias Incidents
  • Carrie Langner (Psychology & Child Development)
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt (Communication Studies)
  • Emily Ryalls (Interdisciplinary  Studies in the Liberal Arts)
Bldg. 186, Rm. C101

1-2 p.m.

Trans 101
  • Ednie Garrison (Women's and Gender Studies)
  • WGS 302-2 students
Bldg. 5, Rm. 104
From Disability Rights to Disability Justice: Access, Inclusion and Intersectionality  
  • John Lee (Disability Resource Center)
  • Bailey Hamblin (Disability Resource Center)
Bldg. 124, Rm. 117
The Environmental Movement Was Once a Social Justice Movement and It Will be Again 
  • Kari Mansager (University Housing)
  • Kylee Singh (Sustainability) 
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
Love, Empathy and Respect in Engineering? A Workshop to Develop Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statements in All Disciplines
  • Lynne Slivosky (Electrical Engineering) 
  • Eric Mehiel (CENG Associate Dean for Diversity and Student Success)
  • Jane Lehr (Women's and Gender Studies) 
  • Sarah Macdonald (CTLT)
Bldg. 22, Rm. 313

2-3 p.m.

Trash in Sight: Digging Through Systems of Value within Valueless Things Through a History of NYC Trash 
  • Jaime Ding (Kennedy Library) 
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Claiming Our Education: The Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing Self-Directed Course at Cal Poly  
  • Mustafa Siddiqui and other Critical SWANA Studies students 
  • Jane Lehr (Women's and Gender Studies) 
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
Homelessness in California: Poverty, Privilege and the Housing Crisis
  • Jean Williams (Political Science)
Bldg. 52, Rm. E27

2-4 p.m.

1619 - The 400-Year Anniversary of American Slavery - Session II (Teaching African Chattel Slavery and its Legacies) 
  • Alpen Razi (Ethnic Studies)
  • Roundtable discussants TBA
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)
Criminal Reentry Simulation: : Understanding the Criminal Reentry Process and Recidivism through Experiential Learning
  • Kylie Parrotta (Social Sciences) 
Bldg. 43 (MAC), Rm. 170
Tsuru for Solidarity: History Repeats Itself - An examination of Japanese American Activism and the Current Concentration Camps in the USA
  • Lisa Kawamura (Communication Studies)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 10, Rm. 115

3-4 p.m.

Let's Talk About Sex: What Do Biologists Have to Say About Sex and Gender?
  • Christy Strand (Biological Sciences)
  • Sandi Clement (Biological Sciences)
Bldg. 52, Rm. E27
Does Size Really Matter? Debilitating Discourses of Size and Health
  • Kati Fosselius (Food Science and Nutrition) 
  • Andrea Terry (Communication Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Cultivating Belonging with Student Groups
  • Ann De Lay (Agricultural Education and Communication)
  • Robert Flores (Agricultural Education and Communication)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114

4-5 p.m.

Inclusive Language in Spanish: Latinx/Latine as Expressions of Social Change
  • Silvia Marijuan (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Scott Ferree (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Louel De Leon Ibe (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Martha Galvan Mandujano (World Languages and Cultures)
Bldg. 10, Rm. 128
Mobilizing Under Threat: Latinx Immigrant Health Advocacy on California's Central Coast
  • Mario Espinoza-Kulick (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 2, Rm. 213
1619 -  Podcast and Discussion
  • Thanayi Jackson (History)
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

6:10-8:30 p.m.

Susan Currier Visiting Professor Lecture 
Pedagogies of the Broken-Hearted: Notes on a Pedagogy of Breakage, Women of Color Feminist Decolonial Modivas and Armed Love in the Classroom/Academy. A reception will follow the talk.  
  • Anna Ríos-Rojas (Susan Currier Visiting Professor and Assoc. Professor in the Department of Education Studies at Colgate University)
Pavilion, Performing Arts Center


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