Teach In

Save the Date 5th Annual Social Justice Teach In on Thursday, Feb 11, 2021

On Thursday, Feb. 11, join the campus community for the 2021 Teach In – a daylong series of virtual talks and workshops centered around equity and social justice designed to inform and inspire!

For an idea of previous topics, see last year's schedule below. Scheduled 2021 events will be listed as they are confirmed starting the first week in January.

The 2020 Teach ON! a series of events throughout spring quarter – was presented in a virtual format. Click here to see the schedule.


The 2020 Teach In was on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020.

topic and TIME presenter(s) LOCATION

8-9 a.m.

Mobile Health: Bringing Medical and Preventive Healthcare to Underserved Populations in Our Region
  • Suzanne Phelan (Kinesiology)
  • Cristina Macedo (Center for Health Research)
  • Anita Kelleher (Center for Health Research)
  • Karen Munoz-Christian (World Languages and Cultures)
Bldg. 33, Rm. 286
Class Behind Bars: Co-Education with the Women in San Luis Obispo County Jail
  • Ryan Alaniz (Social Sciences)
  • Sociology students
Bldg. 6, Rm. 124 (Phillips Hall)
1619 - Introduction to the 1619 Project: Black Life and Culture
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

9-10 a.m.

An Indifference to Difference: Realistic (yet Optimistic) Approaches to Dealing with Diversity in the Modern City
  • Farah Al-Nakib (History)
Bldg. 26, Rm. 221
Activating Asian American Students at a Primarily White Institution (PWI)
  • Lilianne Tang (Cross Cultural Centers)
  • Olivia Tran (Cross Cultural Centers)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Perspectives from Cal Poly's Multiracial Community
  • Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti (CLA Associate Dean for Diversity and Curriculum)
  • Kari Mansager (University Housing)
  • Roberta Wolfson (English)
  • Jay Bettergarcia (Psychology)
  • Alyiah Gonzales (Multicultural Center) 
Bldg. 7 (ATL), Rm. 2

9-11 a.m.

Who Are You? Owning and Presenting Your Privileged Identities
  • Emily Ryalls (Interdisciplinary  Studies in the Liberal Arts)
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt (Communication Studies)
Bldg. 22, Rm. 314
Equitable Teaching Practices in College STEM Courses Workshop
  • Stan Yoshinobu (Mathematics)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
1619 - Family Separation Since 1492
  • Jenell Navarro (Ethnic Studies)
  • Blanca Martinez-Navarro (Dean of Students Office)
  • Grace Yeh (Ethnic Studies)
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

10-11 a.m.

Our OWN: An Analysis of Inclusion in Feminist Media and Spaces
  • Katie Ettl (Cross Cultural Centers)
Bldg. 10, Rm. 126
Cal Poly Privilege: Investigating Our Campus Demographics
  • Sara Lopus (Social Sciences)
  • Katya Vasilaky (Economics)
  • Jacqueline Doremus (Economics)
Bldg. 7 (ATL), Rm. 2
Designing for Everyone: Adopting an Inclusive Design Approach at Cal Poly and Beyond
  • John Lee (Disability Resource Center)
  • Lauren Cooper (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Brian Self  (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kevin Taylor (Kinesiology) 
Bldg. 26, Rm. 221

11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Social, Economic, and Health Inequities: Implications for a Tobacco-free California (part of the Center for Health Research Seminar Series)
  • Valerie Yerger (UCSF) 
Bldg. 3, Rm. 213

11 a.m.-1 p.m.

1619 - Black Humor as Expressions of Social Critique and Radical Cultural Joy
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies) 
  • Amber Williams (Psychology)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114

11:30-1 p.m.

Art and Activism: How to Use Art for Social Justice
  • Anna Ríos-Rojas (Susan Currier Visiting Professor and Assoc. Professor in the Department of Education Studies at Colgate University)
Bldg. 124, Rm. 117

12-1 p.m.

Using Wikipedia to Teach Queer Politics 
  • R.G. Cravens (Political Science)
Bldg. 21, Rm. 235
Just Leisure: The Past, Present, and Future of the Intersection of Social Justice and “Free Time”
  • Jerusha Greenwood (Experience Industry Management)
  • Marni Goldenberg (Experience Industry Management)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 10, Rm. 111
Harm Reduction Where it’s Needed Most: Establishing Overdose Prevention Programs for People in the County Jail
  • Candace Winstead (Biological Sciences)
  • Jail overdose prevention student/alumni volunteers
Bldg. 53, Rm. 206
Five Figures: Examining the Lives of Five Historical African American Men and How Their Contributions to Culture and Thought Changed America
  • Louel Ibe (Men & Masculinities) 
Bldg. 5, Rm. 104

12-2 p.m.

1619 - The 400-Year Anniversary of American Slavery - Session I (Research in African Chattel Slavery and its Legacies)
  • Alpen Razi (Ethnic Studies)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)
Art and Activism (Screenprinting, button and poster making, tsuru making, and activist art slideshow)
  • Elizabeth Folk (Art and Design)
  • Lisa Kawamura (Communication Studies)
  • Art and Design students
Bldg. 34, Rm. 128
Building White Allyship in the Classroom: How to Address Campus Bias Incidents
  • Carrie Langner (Psychology & Child Development)
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt (Communication Studies)
  • Emily Ryalls (Interdisciplinary  Studies in the Liberal Arts)
Bldg. 186, Rm. C101

1-2 p.m.

Trans 101
  • Ednie Garrison (Women's and Gender Studies)
  • WGS 302-2 students
Bldg. 5, Rm. 104
From Disability Rights to Disability Justice: Access, Inclusion and Intersectionality  
  • John Lee (Disability Resource Center)
  • Bailey Hamblin (Disability Resource Center)
Bldg. 124, Rm. 117
The Environmental Movement Was Once a Social Justice Movement and It Will be Again 
  • Kari Mansager (University Housing)
  • Kylee Singh (Sustainability) 
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
Love, Empathy and Respect in Engineering? A Workshop to Develop Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statements in All Disciplines
  • Lynne Slivosky (Electrical Engineering) 
  • Eric Mehiel (CENG Associate Dean for Diversity and Student Success)
  • Jane Lehr (Ethnic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies) 
  • Sarah Macdonald (CTLT)
  • Louise Ibuna (Software Engineering student)
  • Taylor Klein (Mechanical Engineering student)
  • Andrea Leal (Civil Engineering student)
  • Gabriel Medina-Kim (Computer Science student)
  • Julia Ryan (Industrial Engineering student)
Bldg. 22, Rm. 313

2-3 p.m.

Trash in Sight: Digging Through Systems of Value within Valueless Things Through a History of NYC Trash 
  • Jaime Ding (Kennedy Library) 
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Claiming Our Education: The Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing Self-Directed Course at Cal Poly  
  • Mustafa Siddiqui (Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing)
  • Nadeen Eliyan Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing)
  • Daria Majlessi Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing)
  • Zoha Qader Critical SWANA Studies Theorizing)
  • Jane Lehr (Ethnic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies) 
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114
Homelessness in California: Poverty, Privilege and the Housing Crisis
  • Jean Williams (Political Science)
Bldg. 52, Rm. E27

2-4 p.m.

1619 - The 400-Year Anniversary of American Slavery - Session II (Teaching African Chattel Slavery and its Legacies) 
  • Alpen Razi (Ethnic Studies)
  • Roundtable discussants TBA
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)
Criminal Reentry Simulation: : Understanding the Criminal Reentry Process and Recidivism through Experiential Learning
  • Kylie Parrotta (Social Sciences) 
Bldg. 43 (MAC), Rm. 170
Tsuru for Solidarity: History Repeats Itself - An examination of Japanese American Activism and the Current Concentration Camps in the USA
  • Lisa Kawamura (Communication Studies)
  • Others TBA
Bldg. 10, Rm. 115

3-4 p.m.

Let's Talk About Sex: What Do Biologists Have to Say About Sex and Gender?
  • Christy Strand (Biological Sciences)
  • Sandi Clement (Biological Sciences)
Bldg. 52, Rm. E27
Does Size Really Matter? Debilitating Discourses of Size and Health
  • Kati Fosselius (Food Science and Nutrition) 
  • Andrea Terry (Communication Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 511
Cultivating Belonging with Student Groups
  • Ann De Lay (Agricultural Education and Communication)
  • Robert Flores (Agricultural Education and Communication)
Bldg. 38, Rm. 114

4-5 p.m.

Inclusive Language in Spanish: Latinx/Latine as Expressions of Social Change
  • Silvia Marijuan (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Scott Ferree (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Louel De Leon Ibe (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Martha Galvan Mandujano (World Languages and Cultures)
Bldg. 10, Rm. 128
Mobilizing Under Threat: Latinx Immigrant Health Advocacy on California's Central Coast
  • Mario Espinoza-Kulick (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 2, Rm. 213
1619 -  Podcast and Discussion
  • Thanayi Jackson (History)
  • Denise Isom (Ethnic Studies)
Bldg. 35 (Kennedy Library), Rm. 209 (CTLT)

6:10-8:30 p.m.

Susan Currier Visiting Professor Lecture 
Pedagogies of the Broken-Hearted: Notes on a Pedagogy of Breakage, Women of Color Feminist Decolonial Movidas and Armed Love in the Classroom/Academy. A reception will follow the talk.  
  • Anna Ríos-Rojas (Susan Currier Visiting Professor and Assoc. Professor in the Department of Education Studies at Colgate University)
Pavilion, Performing Arts Center


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