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First Year Winter & Spring Block Schedules

Year Long Block Scheduling

Please see University information on Year Long Block Scheduling at:

Some reasons why you may be block scheduled into a course winter or spring quarter:

  • The courses are best taken during your first year.
  • These courses may be hard to get during your first-year if not blocked.
  • There is sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.

Some reasons why you may NOT be block scheduled into a course winter or spring quarter:

  • There are no major or support courses that MUST be taken during your first year.
  • Your department would like to provide flexibility for you to choose when to take your major and support courses.
  • Seats in some major courses may be reserved for students in that major, to assist with registration.
  • You may have already fulfilled the course that students will be blocked into.
  • There is not sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.


Block Schedule - Fall Quarter

Information on your first quarter block schedules can be found at

Block Schedule – Winter and Spring Quarters

block schedule dates can be found at: 

Note that the courses listed below are not guaranteed during any given quarter, but efforts will be made to block students in the listed courses for either winter or spring quarter. While all students in a major that is participating in block scheduling will be run through the process for developing a block schedule, some students may not receive a block schedule or only receive a partial block schedule.



Courses blocked either

Winter or Spring


A1, A2 & A3 GEs, Area F GE


0-8 units

ANT 201, 250

GEOG 150, 250



8-16 units

ART 101

ART 104

ART 122 (Photo/Video)

ART 182

ART 183

ART 201 (Studio)

ART 209 (Studio)

ART 212

ART 213

ART 224 (Photo/Video & Graphic Design)



0-8 units

CD 131

PSY 201 or 254 or 256



0-8 units

Possible lower division COMS



0-12 units

ENGL 202

ENGL 203

ENGL 251

Language course up to 201 level (if enrolled fall)



0-8 units

ES 114



4-16 units

GRC 102

GRC 201

GRC 203

GRC 211

GRC 224


MATH 118 or appropriate placement



2-12 units

HIST 100

HIST 110, 201, 202, 213 or 223

Language course up to 201 level (if enrolled fall)



0-16 units

Any one of the introductory-levle interdisiplinary courses

ISLA 201



0-8 units


JOUR 203, 228 or 285



0-4 units


MU 121

Possible theory, musicianship, etc.



0-4 units


PHIL 126



0-8 units


POLS 112/111 or 180 or 229 or 230



0-8 units

PSY 201 or 252 or 256




0-8 units


possible lower division SOC

GEOG 150 or ANT 201



0-8 units

Next level SPAN

Next level secondary language (if enrolled fall)



4 units

TH 220

TH 225 or 230

TH 227 or 228




  1. Will I still be able to get classes if I’m not block scheduled?
    1. YES, many departments in the College of Liberal Arts hold seats in many classes for majors. Also, as a first-year student, you may have more GE, major and support courses to choose from to create a full schedule.
  1. I have been block scheduled into one or two classes. What should I do now?
    1. It is recommended that you enroll in 12-16 units each quarter. You will need to add additional classes to your schedule to be a full-time student (at least 12 units) and to stay on track for graduation (average 16 units). You will register for additional classes during your scheduled round one registration appointment. This date can be found in your Student Center on the same day that Schedule Builder is available for that term.
  1. How do I add additional classes? When can I add more classes?
    1. You can find demonstrations on how to register for classes here:
    2. Plan to attend one of our Registration Workshops to learn about how to register and what classes to take. 
    3. Find your scheduled registration date in your Student Center on the same day that Schedule Builder is available for the term.
  1. Can I change my block schedule?
    1. It is not recommended that you drop any classes from your block schedule.
    2. You were blocked into a course because your department feels it is important that you take that course during your first year.
    3. If you are planning to change your major, you feel you already have credit for that course, or have another reason for not taking that course, please contact the CLA Advising Center to speak with an advisor before you make any adjustments.
  1. My block schedule has classes that are not on my flowchart for the first year. Is that okay?
    1. Yes, that is okay. Your flowchart is a suggested guide to follow, so you may not need to take courses in that exact order.
    2. Your department may have chosen to block you into a course earlier than your flowchart because that course can be difficult to get.
  1. The class(es) I have been blocked into conflict with my personal schedule. What should I do?
    1. All attempts will be made to avoid known Cal Poly athletic schedules.
    2. You will be able to make necessary changes to your schedule during your first-round registration as noted in your Student Center. If you are blocked into any major courses, we recommend you talk with an advisor prior to making changes.
    3. Note that if you drop a course, there is no guarantee you would be able to get into another specific course. We recommend using the SWAP feature, “Swap, Not Drop.”
    4. If you have job or other conflicts with your block schedule, CLA Advising can help you develop an alternative schedule.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your block schedule or registration, please contact the CLA Advising Center.

Appointments and Walk-ins available Monday-Friday 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Schedule an appointment

Phone: 805-756-6200

Location: Bldg 47-Room 22B





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