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Student Advisory Council

Vision: The vision of the College of Liberal Arts Student Advisory Committee (CLASAC) is to encourage innovative action within the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) by creating a representative body to represent and communicate student perspectives and ideas to the dean of the CLA.

Mission: CLASAC is intended as a standing committee in the CLA. Advisory to the dean, the CLASAC identifies and communicates needs and strengths within CLA, provides feedback on new initiatives and academic emic proposals put forth by the Dean’s Office, and discusses issues and ideas originating from the Associated Students, Inc. Board of Directors.

Student Advisory Council Members





Kira Evers Anthropology and Geography Senior

Chloe Plant Art and Design Senior

Amanda Shrewsbury Child Development Senior

Allison Blaising Communication Studies Senior

Morgan Condict English Senior

Lailani Hemmings* Ethnic Studies Sophomore

Alyssa Cunningham Graphic Communication Senior

Mackenna Johnson History Senior

Monique Geisen Journalism Senior

Emily Dunlap Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Senior

Megan Fong Music Junior

Samie Azad Philosophy Senior

Dominic Scialabba* Political Science Junior

Philip Goodwin Master of Public Policy Graduate

Maddison Montanta Psychology Senior

Joanna Phillips Sociology Senior

Jennifer McClinton Theatre and Dance Senior

Lilli Barbaduomo World Languages and Cultures Sophomore

Kristen Tran Diversity Committee Senior

Megan Albee CLA Ambassadors Senior

Ex-Officio Members

Abby Cavanaugh ASI Board Senior

Annalise Delosse ASI Board Freshman

Rita Elfarssi ASI Board Senior

Ruby Ludford ASI Board Junior

James Smith ASI Board Senior

Winter 2018 Alternates 

* Pursuing a minor in women's and gender studies, these students also represent the student interests of the Women's and Gender Studies Department.

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