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Academic Probation

Students earning a 2.0 term GPA or less will be placed on academic probation. Every student on academic probation in the College of Liberal Arts is required to participate in some type of intervention as a means of providing support to help ensure student success. Required interventions are listed below.

First-Year Freshmen

First year freshmen and transfer students on academic probation for the first time after fall or winter quarter:

Attend a “First Year Success” program or “Transfer Success Program” coordinated through the Mustang Success Center

All Other Class Levels

All other students on academic probation will meet one-on-one with either an academic advisor or department representative, based on majors noted below. During this meeting, they will review and sign a “Student Success Contract”.

Meet with Department Representative:

Specified department representative referenced in email notification

Meet with an Academic Advisor in CLA Advising Center:

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