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Diversity Action Plan


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are cornerstones of the mission and vision within the College of Liberal Arts and have been for some time. With the creation of our first collegewide Faculty Diversity Committee and Student Diversity Committee in 2016, and the development of the position of associate dean for diversity and curriculum following in 2017, efforts in these areas have been increased and spread in broader ways across the departments and throughout the college. We are now at the point where looking forward in a strategic way is both desired and necessary and as such have created the first College of Liberal Arts Diversity Action Plan. Both data-driven, and vetted by members of our diversity community, this action plan will guide us for the next five years as we work toward creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive college across several fronts.


In 2017, three goals were identified for the CLA that arose from discussions between the associate dean for diversity and curriculum and the Faculty Diversity Committee. Read more about the process. 

Data Analysis

In spring of 2020, the Dean’s Office initiated a data collection process to determine more accurate current numbers of different racial and ethnic demographic identifications from within faculty and staff. Read the data analysis. 


The following page delineates our five goals and contains more detail in terms of the types of specific steps we plan to take in continuing to grow toward our overarching goal of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive college. Read more about CLA's goals.

  1. Goal 1: Recruit a diverse group of faculty, students and staff who value and are invested in cultural competence. 

  2. Goal 2: Retain a diverse group of faculty, students and staff who value and are invested in cultural competence.  

  3. Goal 3: Provide explicit college support and value for training and education related to DEI issues.

  4. Goal 4: Develop institutionalized practices and policies that increase equity across the college and university. 

  5. Goal 5: Eliminate graduation rate gaps between underrepresented students and non-underrepresented students. 

Next Steps 

The CLA is proud of what has been accomplished in the last few years, but is also aware of the fact that this is only a start to what can be achieved. Read about next steps. 

Appendix and Credits

Alignment of the CLA Diversity Action Plan Goals with the University Strategic Plan. View the appendix and credits. 


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