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Diversity and Inclusion Resource Modules

In our growing role as a leader in the university on issues of Diversity and Inclusion, we know that many across our campus are interested in the types of lecture topics our faculty provide in their day-to-day classes. Due to this, the CLA dean’s office will be offering a chance to apply for summer compensation to assist us with the creation of individual Diversity Resource Modules to be placed online for others across the university to use in creating lectures on diversity-related topics. For the purposes of these proposals, a broad definition will be used for “diversity” including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, nation of origin, social class, disability, and documentation status.

Expected Items and Best Practices

Resource Modules

Finding Common Ground: What Queer Politics Teaches about Bridging Ideological Divides

R.G. Cravens, Political Science Department

Deconstructing Mass-Incarceration by Teaching Reconstruction: Implementing a Chat & Chew on 13th

Thanayi Jackson, History Department
Kylie Parrotta, Social Sciences Department

LGBTQ Identities, Lives and, Allyship

Jess Lee, Social Sciences Department

Jenell Navarro, Ethnic Studies Department

(White) Privilege, Racial Consciousness, and Anti-Racism

Leslie Nelson, Communication Studies Department

Privilege and Oppression

Unique Shaw-Smith, Social Sciences Department

Cultural Appropriation 

Julie Spencer-Rodgers, Psychology and Child Development Department

Participatory Art

James Werner, Art and Design Department

The Development of Ethnic/Racial Attitudes and Ethnic/Racial Identity

Amber Williams, Psychology and Child Development Department

Race and Racism

Roberta Wolfson, English Department


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