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Student Diversity Committee

Student Diversity Committee 2017 Student Diversity Committee 2017


The vision of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Student Diversity Committee is a college and university that embraces diversity and inclusivity, as evidenced by high levels of empathy, mutual respect, interpersonal and cultural curiosity, critical thinking, accountability, and positive understanding and celebration of differences, resulting in a community that is increasingly welcoming and diverse. 


The CLA Student Diversity Committee is intended as a standing committee in the college. Advisory to the dean, the CLA Student Diversity Committee identifies issues; recommends goals; advocates for initiatives and programs that advance the college toward its vision; recognizes policies, procedures, and practices that impede fulfillment of the vision; develops metrics for measuring progress; and suggests modifications based on feedback. 


The CLA Student Diversity Committee is charged with the following responsibilities: 

1. Work closely with the dean in their efforts to provide leadership in the area of diversity. 

2. Help translate the Cal Poly Diversity Strategic Framework into goals and action plans for the college. 

3. Aid in identifying curricular and/or programming needs and opportunities to increase the multicultural competence of CLA students, faculty, and staff 

4. Recommend events and programs that will educate and promote cohesiveness, empathy, and mutual respect within the CLA community. 

5. Advocate for and assist in the recruitment and retention of traditionally underrepresented students, faculty, and staff. 

6. Advise on the development of a diversity assessment plan for the college, including key indicators. 

7. Assist in monitoring progress on key indicators and expectations to enhance accountability for achieving diversity goals. 

8. Recommend adjustments to diversity plans and assessment methods based on feedback and experience. 


The CLA Student Diversity Committee shall consist of 10-15 students, each serving one-year, renewable terms beginning with the start of fall quarter each year. The selection process will occur during the previous spring quarter, beginning with a call for nominations, including self-nominations. Nominations will also be solicited from existing committee members, key faculty, cultural center leaders, and leaders of relevant student groups. Based on consultation with the current committee, appropriate group leaders, and the associate deans, as well as consideration of representational issues, the dean will select members for the coming year. 

2018-19 Student Diversity Committee Members

Member  Department 
Abarquez, Philip Political Science
Austin, Luke Art and Design
Bakhski, Kayla Psychology and Child Development
Careno Gatica, Jorge  Graphic Communication
Chang, Winston Psychology and Child Development
Clark, Riley Theatre and Dance
Fong, Megan Music
Friefield, Natalie Psychology and Child Development
Garcia, Felipe Psychology and Child Development
Hollinger, Eliana Psychology and Child Development
Paoletto, Isabella Journalism
Roul, Brandon Political Science
Tran, Kristen Psychology and Child Development
Watkins, Jake Political Science
Welisch, Gina Philosophy

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