Faculty Diversity Committee


The CLA Faculty Diversity Committee is a standing committee focused on diversity efforts and initiatives in the college. Serving as an advisory body to the Dean, the committee will develop diversity related goals, strategies for achieving those goals, and methods for measuring progress. Specifically, the committee has the following initial goals:

  1. Work to attract, cultivate, and nurture individuals who are invested in devoting critical and scholarly attention to different identities and communities specific to their disciplines;
  2. Offer more college-supported opportunities for diversity-related education, training, and recognition;
  3. Provide more explicit institutionalized value for a variety of diversity-related efforts and knowledge.


The CLA Faculty Diversity Committee will consist of approximately 10-12 tenured and/or tenure-track faculty. Members will serve two-year terms with options to renew each fall quarter. Nominations for new members will be solicited from existing committee members and other faculty who are leaders in areas of diversity. Nominees will then be recommended to the Dean. The committee will be co-chaired by the Associate Dean of Diversity and Curriculum, and a faculty member elected by the committee.

Photo Member Department Contact
Jennifer Pedrotti

Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti (Chair, CLA)

Assoc. Dean for Diversity and Curriculum, CLA


Dawn Neill Dawn Neill (Chair, Faculty) Assoc. Professor, Social Sciences


Ryan Alaniz Ryan Alaniz Assoc. Professor, Social Sciences


Reggie Allen

Regulus Allen

Assoc. Professor, English


Christina Firpo Christina Firpo Assoc. Professor, History


Denise Isom Denise Isom Professor, Ethnic Studies


Carrie Langner Carrie Langner

Assoc. Professor, Psychology and Child Development


Silvia Marijuan Silvia Marijuan

Asst. Professor, Modern Languages and Literature


Jenell Navarro Jenell Navarro Asst. Professor, Ethnic Studies


Unique Shaw Unique Shaw-Smith Asst. Professor, Social Sciences


Tom Trice Tom Trice Assoc. Professor, History


Grace Yeh Grace Yeh Assoc. Professor, Ethnic Studies


Shanruo Ning Zhang Shanruo Ning Zhang Assoc. Professor, Political Science



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