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Theatre & Dance - College Based Fees - Plan 2021-22

CBF Spending Plan (2021/2022)

NOTE: This plan spans (3) administrative changes in Departmental Leadership (Chair) dating back to March 2021. Two (2) previously selected courses (TH255 Technical Theatre / Fall) (TH400 Special Problems / Orchesis) were ultimately canceled or reassigned with these departmental transitions. The included Spring 2022 courses cover the unit distribution while also reflecting prior justifications.


The Theatre Program’s CBF Plan for 2021/22 is (was) to allocate Departmental earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes:

Course Support

Per the CLA FTEF breakdown, eighteen (18) units of TH classes have been identified as necessary CBF funded courses.

  • (4) units of TH290 Script Analysis - Winter 2022

    a required course within the major; also, a course within FTF & Transfer block scheduling

  • (2) units of TH355 Mainstage Production (audio support for winter Mainstage production) - Winter 2022 

    specialized elective within the major being taught by adjunct professor Elisabeth Weidner
  • (4) units of TH295 Foundations in Theatrical Design – Spring 2022
    a required course within the major; the prerequisite to all departmental upper division design courses

  • (4) units TH380 Theatre for Young Audiences — Spring 2022
    specialized elective within the major being taught by adjunct professor (Lecturer C) Philip Valle; practice of educational drama as applied to multidisciplinary curricula. Collaborate on story-based improvisation in areas that include language arts, social studies, geography, and science with additional focus on examining emotional development and creativity

  • (4) units TH355 Mainstage Production — Spring 2022
    specialized elective within the major being taught by adjunct professor associate professor Brian Healy

These courses were chosen for a variety of purposes, including popularity for majors, support for research, graduation through-put, as well as four-year pedagogical alignment and specialized skills.


The TH Program CBF Student Committee for 2021/22:

Maya Lu Sjoblom-Powell, Jessica Sater, Sarah Smith, Ashley Tokarzewksi


Theatre & Dance 2022/23 CBF progress:

Student Committee nomination ballots will be distributed 3/29/22 during Departmental Majors Meeting. Results will be tallied, and formal Election Ballots will be digitally distributed to student majors and minors beginning 4/4 with results determined by 4/8. The Theatre and Dance Department Chair will then meet with the 2022/23 Student Committee to begin the next CBF cycle.

If you need any other information as it pertains to CBF and its implementation in our department, please let me know.



Brian Healy
Chair, Theatre and Dance Department
Associate Professor, Stage Design and Technical Production

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