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Comparative Ethnic Studies - College Based Fees - Letter 2012-13

March 25, 2013

Dear comparative ethnic studies majors,

It’s that time of year again to give you a brief report on how your College Based Fee (CBF) money is being spent. Given the current financial climate, the fees help immensely in sustaining the department, and we are thankful to receive your help.

This year, students were asked by the Dean's Office to allocate CBF monies to offering classes for our majors. You, as students, voted on which classes would be designated as CBF classes within the department. Only ethnic studies students were allowed to enroll in these classes for the first phase of registration. The classes are then offered to the rest of the university during the open enrollment period.

Remember that the committee is comprised of all CES majors with myself as the faculty advisor. As such, we asked each of you for your vote during our fall advising meeting to see which classes you wanted to be reserved as CBF courses. The courses you selected for the 2012-13 academic year were as follows:

  • Winter 2013:  
    - ES 320 African American Cultural Images
    - ES/WGS 351 Global Engineering: Gender, Race, Class, Nation
  • Spring 2013:  
    ES 340 Cultural Production and Ethnicity
    - ES/WGS 350 Gender, Race, Science and Technology

We regret to report that due to unanticipated faculty schedule changes we were unable to offer ES 340 as previously planned.

We appreciate your support, and we appreciate that you are part of the department.


Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

Office: 805-756-6229

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