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Psychology & Child Development Department College Based Fees Plan 2022-23

Spending Plan: Per the CLA FTEF breakdown, 19 departmental classes have been identified as necessary CBF funded courses. The PSY/CD CBF Plan for 2022-23 is to allocate department earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes in the form of seats held for majors in highly impacted classes. Most of these classes are critical for PSY and CD students to access in a timely manner so that they can make progress towards their degrees. Others are very popular as electives and our student committee wanted to support their peers' access.

The 2022-23 Student Advisory Committee: Emily Chou, Amelia Burge, Tim Parker, Hector Reyes, Aaron Selcov, Alice Antony, Lexy Nevis, Madison Anderson-Au.

Course Support: Seats held for majors range from 8-20 in each of the courses listed below.

  • PSY/CD 254 Family Psychology (F, W, S)
  • PSY/CD 256 Developmental Psychology (F, W, S)
  • PSY/CD 306 Adolescence (F, W, S)
  • CD 424 Development in Diverse Cultures (F, S)
  • PSY/CD 460 Child Abuse and Neglect (F, W, S)
  • PSY 302 Behavior in Organizations (F, W, S)
  • PSY 305 Personality (W, S)
  • PSY 311 Environmental Psychology (F, W)
  • PSY 318 Psychology of Aging (F, W)
  • PSY 330 Behavioral Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (W, S)
  • PSY 372 Multicultural Psychology (F, W)
  • PSY 375 Forensic Psychology (F, W, S)
  • PSY 405 Abnormal Psychology (F, W, S)

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