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Graphic Communication Department - College Based Fees - Plan 2018-19

November, 2018

The AY 2018-19 Student College-Based Fee (CBF) Committee for the Graphic Communication Department (GrC) is comprised of three GrC students:

  • Liberty Oritz (Chair)
  • Taryn Veldusea
  • Chris Jones

Together, they represent the GrC student constituency pertaining to the distribution of funds that come from student-based fees. After much thought and reflection, this committee has elected to use the CBF money for the funding of additional class sections in order to accommodate and sustain the facilitation of classes and labs in an already tight and conflicting classroom environment, and for funding half of the salary of the GrC departmental computer and network technician.

Should any surplus funding become available, the CBF student committee has developed a list of needs for the department that include classroom improvements, equipment purchases, lab improvements, intra-departmental organization support, and other miscellaneous projects deemed important by the GrC student constituency.

Therefore, ranked in order of priority, the GrC CBF Committee recommends the following for the 2018-2019 College Based Fee allotment (monetary projections are estimates only):

  1. Funding of existing class sections and lecturers for the following classes: GRC 201, 201 labs, 203 labs, 324, 324 labs, 328, and 204 (Equivalent to .91 FTE)
  2. Funding of one-half of annual salary of the GrC Computer Technician
  3. Intra-departmental student group needs                                                         

It should be noted that the GrC CBF Committee recognizes the financial constraints placed upon the GrC Department and College of Liberal Arts with reference to resources. It would be ideal, however, if more of the burden to fund lecturers and labs would come from the GrC department resource budget and less from the annual CBF allotment.


The 2018-2019 GrC CBF Committee

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