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Theatre & Dance Department - College Based Fees - Letter

Narrative CBF Spending Report (2018/19)

Spending Plan

The Theatre Program’s CBF Plan for 2018/19 was to allocate departmental earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes.

Curriculum/Course Support

Sixteen (16) units of classes within the Theatre program were designated CBF funded courses:

  • (4) units of TH245 Introduction to State Management - Fall Quarter 2018
    • specialized elective within the major being taught by adjunct professor and technical director Clint Bryson;
  • (4) units of TH450 Directing - Spring Quarter 2019
    • a required course within the major;
  • (4) units of TH305 Topics in Diversity on the American Stage - Spring Quarter 2019
    • a required course within the major and GE C4; being taught by adjunct professor Philip Valle;
  • (4) units of TH240 Improv - Spring Quarter 2019
    • an elective within the major; this course was not scheduled due to shifting faculty to other course(s).

2018/19 Student Committee

Sammy Boyarsky, Emily Kluger, Garrett Lamoureux, Grantland Tracy

2018/19 Student Committee Elections

The process for electing student committee members remained consistent to previous years: silent nominating ballots for the 19/20 CBF Student Committee were distributed at the Spring Quarter 2019 mandatory Theatre Arts Major’s Meeting. Once final nominations were solicited, voting ballots were then distributed to all theatre majors. Students were asked to vote for four (4) nominees. The top five (5) students (there was a tie) were then notified by email about their elected status on the departmental committee. A programmatic email to all majors was the generated after full confirmation of acceptance by each elected student.

The TH Program CBF Student Committee for 2019/20:

Sammy Boyarsky, Jacob Keswick, Leah Procita, Bella Ramirez, Grantland Tracy

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