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Social Sciences Department - College Based Fees - Letter 2015-16

From:  Dr. Greg Bohr, CBF Committee Chair

To: Social Sciences Department Students and CBF Committee

Re: Update on CBF usage for 2015-16


Dear Students/Committee Members:

Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year, the department used our allocation of CBF funds to reserve seats for ANG, SOC, and SOCS majors in high-demand courses, as well as to offer sections of courses that otherwise would not have been available. As in past years, we distributed these seats across our majors and between quarters as evenly as possible.

Overall, 1024 seats were reserved for our majors. The following table shows the distribution of these seats by course prefix, and by quarter:

ANT 164 107 55 326
GEOG 119 122 100 341
SOC 143 60 154 357
TOTAL 426 289 309 1024

The assistance of the CBF committee was invaluable in identifying which courses are particularly impacted, and therefore should have reserved seats. The course numbers in which seats were set aside over the 2015-16 year are:

ANT (7) 201, 202, 250, 344, 345, 360, 401
GEOG (10) 150, 250, 300, 301, 308, 318, 328, 333, 340, 370
SOC (10) 111, 301, 311, 315, 316, 323, 326, 355, 412, 421 

In AY 2015-16 all of our department’s CBF allocation has been used for classes, as required by the college. No additional courses were added this year.


Terry Jones, Ph.D.
Chair, Social Sciences Department

Greg Bohr, Ph.D.,
Professor, Social Sciences Department, CBF Faculty Advisor

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