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Music Department - College Based Fees - Letter 2021-22

November 3, 2021

Dear Music Majors:

I want to begin the annual review of our College Based Fees (CBF) expenditures with a word of thanks. Your continued support for Cal Poly’s CBF program has helped make us a better department and has given you a better education. Your commitment to a quality education – and your willingness to support that commitment financially – is a continuing, and much-appreciated bright spot in these challenging times.

Below is a list of our new student committee, who replaced our outgoing committee. Their term began mid-Fall 2021 and extends to Spring 2023 (unless any of them are graduating before the end of 2023):


Matthew Borin

Karlson Can

Mady Frei
Manqi Liang

This student committee solicits feedback from music majors regarding CBF funding and meets with me (in my roles as both chair of the Music Department and faculty CBF representative), on an as needed basis. Currently, from student feedback, all CBF funds are used solely to fund small performing ensembles/activity classes taught by part-time faculty members. Without the CBF funds, we would be unable to offer many of these vital performing ensembles. Any unspent balance is rolled over into our CBF account, however the goal is to expend all CBF fees within a given academic year.

The funded classes for 2021-22 are:

Class Title Instructor
MU 171/371 Cello Ensemble Laura Gaynon
MU 171/371 Clarinet Ensemble Keith Waibel
MU 171/371 Brass Ensemble Mark Miller
MU 171/371 Guitar Ensemble Jim Bachman
MU 171/371 Percussion Ensemble John Astaire
MU 171/371 Trombone Choir Mark Miller
MU 171/371 Saxophone Ensemble Laura Kramer
MU 189/389 Vocal Practicum

Amy Goymerac/Katherine Arthur

I and the members of the student committee would be happy to discuss our current (or future) use of CBF monies if you have any questions. Again, thank you for your support.


India D'Avignon
Music Department, Chair


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