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A Letter from the Dean

Doug Epperson

Dear Alumni,

Join me in welcoming the class of 2014 to the ranks of College of Liberal Arts alumni! This group of approximately 500 future leaders received degrees from our programs on June 14 in Spanos Stadium with traditional Cal Poly pomp and ceremony.

The class of 2014 impacted the campus positively in many ways over the past four or five years. The campus achievements of these future leaders included organizing the first Open Science Café, developing a new political science journal, and succeeding in competitions (the Debate Team), and so much more.

As you may already know, a liberal arts degree opens many doors. It can take you anywhere in your career and in the world — Justin Housman and Margaret Donoghue, husband and wife Cal Poly history graduates, are a case in point. Read in this issue how the same degree led Justin to a career writing for Surfer Magazine and Margaret to a career with the Australian Trade Commission.

Class of 2014: As Justin and Margaret demonstrate, don’t limit yourselves; your outstanding education and your passion for excellence will take you far. 

Additionally, we are excited to announce a new master’s degree and professional certificate program in printed electronics and functional imaging within the Graphic Communication Department.

Finally, enjoy a few stories and updates regarding some of our literary and artistic faculty members. Two English professors, Larry Inchausti and John Hampsey, added to their list of published works, while assistant professor of dance Christy McNeil wrote, choreographed and directed the spring Theatre & Dance Department original production, “Black Cat Cabaret.”

All alumni, please update us on your lives and activities, and stay connected with the CLA story.

Enjoy the summer season.


Doug Epperson

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