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Political Science Department College Based Fee Letter to Students 2023-24

December 8, 2023

Dear Political Science and MPP Students,

This year, like last year, College Based Fees (CBF) were spent only on classes. In spring of last year, we surveyed students to determine the courses in which we should save seats. Using CBF funds, we held 475 seats for students in the Political Science Department in a variety of class types for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Class Quarter (Seats)
POLS 180 Political Inquiry Winter (15)/Spring(15)
POLS 225 Intro to International Relations Fall (15)/Winter (10)/Spring (10)
POLS 229 Intro to Comparative Politics Spring (10)
POLS 230 Basic Concepts of Political Theory Winter (10)/Spring (30)
POLS 245 Judicial Process Fall (15)/Winter(15)/Spring(20)
POLS 310 Politics of Ethnicity and Gender Spring (12)
POLS 317 Campaigns and Elections Winter (15)
POLS 319 United States Congress Winter (10)
POLS 325 Global Political Issues Winter (10)
POLS 333 World Food Systems Fall (15)/Spring (15)
POLS 334 Jurisprudence Winter (15)
POLS 341 American Constitutional Law Spring (15)
POLS 342 Constitutional Theory Winter (10)
POLS 343 Civil Rights in America Fall (15)/Winter (30)/Spring(15)
POLS 344 Civil Liberties Fall (15)/Winter(15)/Spring (15)
POLS 359 Research Design Spring (15)
POLS 361 Quantitative Methodology Spring (5)
POLS 390 Religion and Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Winter (15)
POLS 382 Comparative Foreign Policy Spring (15)
POLS 417 Feminist Legal Theory Spring (13)
POLS 419 Social Movements and Political Protest Winter (10)
POLS 420 Contemporary US Foreign Policy Winter (10)
POLS 445 Voting Rights and Representation  Winter (10)
POLS 452 Technology & International Development Fall (10)
POLS 471 Urban Politics Winter (15)


Dr. Ning Zhang
Professor and Chair, Political Science Department

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