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Art & Design CBF Letter to Students 2019-20

To:                  Art & Design Majors

From:             Giancarlo Fiorenza, Department Chair

Date:              January 6, 2020

CBF funding for this year was centered on, and allocated for, foundation and core classes. Based on your votes, the following classes were supported with CBF funding

  • Art 309 Intermediate Painting (winter): 1 section
  • Art 209 Beginning Painting (winter): 2 sections
  • Art 302 Figure Drawing (winter): 1 section
  • Art 315 Art History: Art Since 1945 (winter): 2 sections
  • Art 224 Artificial Lighting for Photography (winter): 2 sections
  • Art 288 Interaction Design I (spring): 1 section

The committee consisted of Giancarlo Fiorenza (Dept. Chair during 2019-20) and all students via survey. The student survey was conducted: October 24-31, 2019.

Thank you for your participation in this process.

Giancarlo Fiorenza, Department Chair

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