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Art & Design CBF Spending Plan 2023-24

CBF Spending Plan (2023/24)

The Art & Design Department CBF Plan for 2023/2024 is to allocate Departmental earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes:

Course Support

Per the CLA FTEF breakdown, 10 (04) units of Art & Design classes have been identified as necessary CBF funded courses.

1. (4) units of (ex. TH 245: Introduction to Stage Management - Fall 2020)
• specialized elective within the major being taught by adjunct professor and technical director Clint Bryson; also a 
course within FTF & Transfer block scheduling

  • ART 222: Black and White Photography - 4 units, 1 section (fall)
  • ART 224: Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography – 4 units, 2 sections (fall)
  • ART 302: Figure Drawing – 4 units, 1 section (fall)
  • ART 309: Intermediate painting – 4 units, 1 section (winter)
  • ART 314: History of Photography, 4 units, 2 sections (fall, winter)
  • ART 329: Editorial Photography, 4 units, 1 section (winter)
  • ART 383: Digital Video I, 4 units, 1 sections (fall, spring)
  • ART 409: Advanced 2D, 4 units, 1 section (spring)

These courses were chosen for a variety of purposes, including popularity for majors, support for both technical and conceptual development, and specialized skills.

The Art & Design CBF Student Committee has been supplanted by a voting system for the Art & Design Department, facilitated by the Dept. Chair and Dept. Coordinator.

If you need any other information as it pertains to CBF and its implementation in our department, please let me know.

Sara Frantz
Chair, Art & Design

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