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Get to know these faculty members outside of the classroom. Each outstanding educator represents one of the four sectors of the college — communications, humanities, performing arts and social sciences.


Richard Besel, Cal Poly

Richard Besel / Communication Studies Department

Specialty Area: Rhetoric, Environmental Communication, Science Communication / Years at Cal Poly: 11 

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Ken Habib, Cal Poly

Ken Habib / Music Department

Specialty Area: Ethnomusicology / Years at Cal Poly: 12

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Jim Keese, Cal Poly


Jim Keese / Social Sciences Department

Specialty Area: Geography and Latin American Studies / Years at Cal Poly: 18

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Karen Munoz-Christian, Cal Poly

Karen Muñoz-Christian / World Languages and Cultures Department

Specialty Area: Spanish (Caribbean/Latinx) / Years at Cal Poly: 15 

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