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Impact Magazine 2015

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Dear CLA Alumni and Friends:

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I continue to be impressed with the value of a Cal Poly liberal arts degree. Unlike a school of nursing or college of engineering, we do not “train” our students for specific career trajectories. Instead, our graduates are well equipped for success because they have the core skills that employers and graduate programs seek.

Our graduates approach problems critically, creatively and contextually; analyze information to identify essential themes and patterns; communicate effectively orally, visually and in writing; exhibit a high degree of cultural competence; demonstrate initiative and assume leadership roles; and embrace lifelong learning — all essential elements for success in today’s world.

In addition to disciplinary passion and expertise, we also encourage our students to explore the boundaries of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation through technology. Such opportunities are provided through programs like the four new minors in Science, Technology and Society and the Center for Expressive Technologies, which will position our students to thrive in multicultural, global and technological contexts.

Our graduates often follow their entrepreneurial spirit, taking the path less traveled. Recognizing this, we actively foster activities and programs to position graduates for entrepreneurial success, as reflected in course and senior projects, faculty-student collaborations, and “hackathons.” We also work to connect students to our most entrepreneurial alumni. In this issue, we’ve highlighted a few of the many entrepreneurial endeavors occurring within our community.

We are proud of our alumni’s accomplishments and impact on the world, and we seek to graduate students ready to carry on this proud tradition!

Best regards,
Douglas Epperson
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

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