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Art and Design Student's Work Permanently Displayed in Baker Center

Art and design senior Anna Teiche left her mark on the Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics through a unique art installation that honors Dr. Phil Bailey, emeritus dean for the College of Science and Mathematics. The commissioned piece, titled “25-35,” honors Cal Poly’s academic goal of encouraging students to study 25-35 hours a week.

Cal Poly art and design student Anna Teiche
Anna Teiche in standing in front of her piece "25-35"

The piece is a visual representation of the activities in an average student’s day according to the ‘Study 25-35’ principle. Each of the seven hexagonal panels represents a day of the week, and the smaller, painted hexagons symbolize the hours in a day. The forms are inspired by molecular diagrams used in chemistry, Bailey’s field of study. Just as chemical compounds can be broken down into separate elements, a student’s day can be organized into different areas of focus.

“It was such an exciting opportunity,” Teiche said. “I’m really interested in public sculpture. I took a class on it last year, and it was a cool idea and a great way to involve my education with work. This project showed me the steps involved in getting a permanent piece, while letting me take the lead in creating it.”

The piece was an opportunity for Teiche to try working in a new medium. She learned how to tig weld from a professor in the College of Science and Mathematics for the project.

“I had never been commissioned for a piece of this scale, or with this kind of budget where I could really experiment with materials and make something large scale,” Teiche said.

Teiche graduated in spring 2018 with a permanent installation piece on her resume. Teiche’s creative work is now forever fixed on the walls of the Baker Center.

“It still hasn’t sunk in,” Teiche said.

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