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Three Top Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus Scorers are from CLA

200 Cal Poly seniors took part in the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus, which assesses a sample of outgoing seniors on their critical thinking and written communication skills. Three of the top four on-campus scorers were students from the College of Liberal Arts.

Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus
Philosophy senior Tristan Noack speaking at the
2017 CLA Student Award Ceremony 


Tristan Noack, philosophy, came in second; Malamatenia Wilson, English, in third; and Christian Harris, psychology, in fourth. An architectural engineering student came in first place.

Each student had mastery levels of Advanced and placed within the top 99th percentile of all seniors across 157 institutions nationwide! 

The three students from CLA were recognized with certificates of achievement at the 2017 College of Liberal Arts student award ceremony Friday, June 16.

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