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CLA Grant & Fellowship-Related Incentive & Recognition Programs

Goal: Increase resources to widen and sustain opportunities to participate in Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities in all disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts.

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CLA Grant-related Assigned Time Incentive Program 

For external funding proposals that meet policies, select one at time of submission:

  1. INDIRECT COSTS-GENERATED ASSIGNED TIME: 1 WTU of assigned time provided to the project for every $50,000 in total funding (direct + indirect costs) 
  2. STUDENT SALARY: 1 WTU of assigned time provided to the project per 300 hours of undergraduate or graduate student pay or fellowship (stipend) equivalent ​
  3. GRANT-FUNDED RELEASE TIME: 1 WTU of assigned time provided to the project for every 3 WTUs of funded release for CLA faculty ​

Assigned time is only available for funded proposals. If the proposal is funded at a lower rate, the actual award amount will be utilized to calculate assigned time.

Eligibility & Policies

To be eligible for the CLA GrantRelated-Assigned Time Program:

  1. CLA faculty must be the Principal Investigator. ​
  2. Proposals must be submitted through the CLA (department or center/institute) (e.g., must not be submitted via a non-CLA Center or Institute).
  3. WTUs can only be utilized by CLA faculty & must be utilized during the funded project period.
  4. Proposals must  allow for a minimum of 10% F&A to be included in the sponsor budget with the expectation that Cal Poly’s full F&A rate of 38.5% is used whenever allowable by the sponsor. ​

CLA External Fellowship Recognition Program

To recognize success in external fellowship programs that are awarded directly to the individual rather than the institution (e.g., ACLS, Huntington), CLA faculty who are awarded and accept academic year fellowships of either half their base AY salary or $50,000 or more (whichever is lower) are eligible to receive funding to support 1 CLA undergraduate student in the summer preceding or following the fellowship period at the rate of the CLA SURP (inclusive of student mentee and faculty mentor support). ​

Next Steps

Please utilize Submittable to notify the CLA of your plans.

For external funding proposals, this form must be submitted no later than 15 working days in advance of the proposal deadline (working days do not include weekends or staff holidays). This deadline is currently aligned with the Pre-Award Milestone 3 deadline.

For external fellowship recognition, please complete this form after you have been awarded and have decided to accept the fellowship.

Please note that this a pilot program. Components may change in response to input and utilization. Your input is appreciated.

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