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Faculty and Staff Awards 2018

Cal Poly CLA Faculty Awards

Staff Awards

  • Outstanding Staff Award for Career Achievement: Susan Bratcher (English)
  • Outstanding Staff Award for Continuing Excellence: Lynne Ricard (College of Liberal Arts)

Faculty Awards

  • Outstanding Achievement in Teaching by a Lecturer: Nicole Jacobs (Women's and Gender Studies)
  • Early Career Award for Achievement in Scholarship: Coleen Carrigan (Social Sciences)
  • Early Career Award for Achievement in Teaching: Ryan Hatch (English)
  • Early Career Award for Achievement in Service: Grace Yeh (Ethnic Studies)
  • Diversity Award: Donald Ryujin (Psychology and Child Development)
  • Dean's Innovation Award: Alicia Moretti (English)

Richard K. Simon Awards

  • Outstanding Career Achievement in Teaching: Meredith Brammeier (Music)
  • Outstanding Career Achievement in Scholarship: Julie Spencer-Rodgers (Psychology and Child Development)
  • Outstanding Career Achievement in Service: Bernard Duffy (Communication Studies)

University Awards

  • President’s Diversity Award - Staff: Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti (College of Liberal Arts)
  • President's Diversity Legacy Award: Doug Epperson (College of Liberal Arts)
  • Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarship Award: Todd Pierce (English)

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