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Honored Alumni

Since 1957, the Cal Poly Alumni Association has recognized the achievements and contributions of former students during its annual Homecoming Weekend. The College of Liberal Arts has proudly selected the following alumni for this honor:

2019-20 Kevin Falls Journalism
2018-19 Tim Humphreys Political Science
2017-18 Chris Trapani Political Science
2016-17 Jim Kouf English
2015-16 David Kerley Journalism
2014-15 Kelli Seybolt Political Science
2013-14 Tom Gallo Graphic Communication
2012-13 Michela O'Connor Abrams Journalism
2011-12 Michael Griffith History
2010-11 Hiroki Asai Art and Design
2009-10 Paul Cousineau Graphic Communication
2008-09 Robert Tapella Graphic Communication
2007-08 Robert Mayhew Political Science
2006-07 Ray Hartman Graphic Communication
2005-06 Fran (McIntyre) Durekas Psychology and Child Development
2004-05 Gretchen Bataille English
2003-04 Mary Crebassa Communication Studies
2002-03 Lee Sapaden Political Science
2001-02 Peggy Peterson Social Sciences
2000-01 Mary LaVenture Journalism
1999-00 Mark Coudray Graphic Communication
1998-99 Barbara Rains Journalism
1997-98 Nevada Barr Communication Studies
1996-97 Brian Lawler Graphic Communication
1995-96 Mary A. Harris Political Science
1994-95 Ralph Hinds Journalism
1993-94 Robert Coltrin Art and Design
1992-93 Paul Simon Journalism
1991-92 Dorothy Newell Journalism
1991-92 Robert Leveque Graphic Communication
1990-91 Paul Israel History
1989-90 Fred Schack Social Sciences
1989-90 Guy Thomas Graphic Communication
1988-89 Edward Wilson Journalism
1987-88 Lori Adamski-Peek Art and Design
1987-88 Roger Ynostroza Graphic Communication
1986-87 Susan Mussard English
1985-86 (no award ceremony)  
1984-85 Patricia Waters Graphic Communication
1983-84 George Ramos Journalism
1983-84 Owen Servatius Social Sciences
1982-83 Jack Hubbs Graphic Communication
1981-82 Janine Tartaglia Journalism
1980-81 Richard Andrews Social Sciences
1980-81 Tom Kline English
1979-80 Robert Flood Journalism
1979-80 Sterling Grogan Political Science
1979-80 Merna McMillian English
1978-79 (no CLA honoree)  
1977-78 James Dearinger Graphic Communication
1976-77 John Collins Social Sciences
1976-77 Jack Pelzer Journalism
1975-76 Larry Rolufs Graphic Communication
1974-75 Warren Church Social Sciences
1974-75 Vern Highly Journalism
1973-74 Janice Lynch English
1972-73 Robert J. Wilson History
1971-72 Robert Norton Journalism
1970-71 Emmons Blake Graphic Communication

Please note: The programs listed are the current names for the programs in the College of Liberal Arts.

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