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World Languages and Cultures - College Based Fees - Plan 2023-24

November 17, 2023
The WLC CBF Plan for 2023/2024 is to allocate Departmental earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes.
Course Support  

Per the CLA FTEF breakdown, 4 WLC classes (16 units) have been identified as necessary CBF funded courses.  

  1. 4 units of CHIN 102 Elementary Mandarin Chinese II – Winter 2024  

    • Required course for Chinese Minor, which a number of SPAN majors pursue; also a course within FTF & Transfer block scheduling  

  2. 4 units of FR 102 Elementary French II – Winter 2024 

    • Second course in FR 101-102-103 sequence; also a course within FTF & Transfer block scheduling 

  3. 4 units of GER 103 Intermediate German Language & Culture III – Spring 2024 

    • Student demand for an in-person section (in addition to 1 asynchronous section); also a course within FTF & Transfer block scheduling

  4. 4 units of WLC 103 Elementary World Language II: Elementary Russian III – Spring 2024 

    • Because the course title is Elementary World Language III, students may have difficulty finding it in Schedule Builder. This may negatively impact enrollment, which we are trying to build based on high interest in WLC 310-Cultures of Russia and the success of the Elementary Russian I-II-III series (offered in 2022-2023). 

The WLC CBF Student Committee for 2023/2024:  
Carlos Ferreyra
Alejandro Martínez
Karen Muñoz-Christian 
Chair, World Languages & Cultures Department 

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