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Class Acts - Darrian Carroll

Darrian Carroll Cal PolyDarrian Carroll / Communication Studies Department

Specialty Area: Rhetoric

What is/has been your favorite class to teach?
My favorite class I’ve taught is the Rhetoric of Black America. I am particularly excited to get to teach the Introduction to Rhetoric course and the possibility of producing a rhetorical theory course here at Cal Poly. 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one book, what would it be?
"Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison. It’s a very long book, but I think there are also a fair number of not so obvious allusions in the book. It feels like it would be a book you can see something different every time you read through it.  

How/why did you choose to work at Cal Poly?
I chose Cal Poly because of the students. I’m excited to get to work closely with a group of engaged and creative students. 

What are your research/scholarly pursuits?
My research focuses on race, rhetoric, and world-making, Particularly, I’m interested in the ways Black people produce political futures. 

What is your favorite class/student moment?
My favorite student moment is one that happened this past summer. I was speaking to a former student of mine, and they recounted that they are now interested in pursuing a career in academia. Although I’ve had a fair number of positive experiences, this most recent one stands out as an example of the work I’ve done making a difference in someone else’s life. 

Are there any scholars or individuals that have inspired you?
Yes. When I think of scholars I hope to emulate or think alongside, I think of scholars like Hortense Spillers, Saidiya Hartman, Frank Wilderson.

What is one thing you wish your students knew about you?
I wish my students knew just how much I like music and TV. As in, I’m always interested in hearing about other people’s favorite artists or TV shows. 

What are your hobbies/extracurricular activities?
My hobbies are expanding. Currently, I really like sports and I also like video games. I’m working on learning more about nutrition and am beginning to become interested in gardening. 

Do you have a favorite getaway location?
Yes. It is actually a return to a place I used to live. My favorite getaway location currently is Las Vegas. However, I’m excited to see if that answer changes to either Los Angeles or San Francisco. 

What is a fact about you that few know?
I have never broken a bone. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
I like to watch cartoons and eat pizza after a hard week.  


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