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College Based Academic Fees

The College Based Academic Fee (CBF) is a mandatory fee, approved by a vote of the students, that is one portion of the overall registration costs each student pays to enroll at Cal Poly. A quarterly fee is assessed each student in the College of Liberal Arts to help support and enhance instructional programs in each of the departments in the college.

This page links you to documents containing how CBF money in the College of Liberal Arts has been allocated and spent in this academic year.

For additional information, email .

Art & Design Plan 2016-17 Letter 2016-17
Communication Studies Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
English Plan 2017-18

Letter 2016-17

Ethnic Studies Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
Graphic Communication Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
History Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
Journalism Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
Modern Languages & Literatures Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
Music Plan 2017-18 Letter 2016-17
Philosophy Plan 2016-17 Letter 2016-17
Political Science Plan 2016-17 Letter 2016-17
Psychology & Child Development Plan 2015-16 Letter 2015-16
Social Sciences Plan 2016-17 Letter 2015-16
Theatre & Dance Plan 2016-17 Letter 2016-17

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