CLA Global Engagement Grant

The College of Liberal Arts is excited to announce our 2021-22 grant opportunity for faculty interested in virtual exchange.* The CLA Global Engagement Grant looks to support CLA faculty efforts around the development of virtual exchange into their pedagogies.

Interested College of Liberal Arts faculty should be prepared to demonstrate how their proposal will …

  • collaborate with students to develop high-impact virtual exchange components
  • support innovative practices in the pursuit of enhanced internationalization efforts in the classroom
  • cultivate partnerships and create relationships with like-minded teachers and scholars from around the world

Eligibility: Open to all CLA Faculty who were not awarded a Global Engagement Grant in 2020

Funding Range Per Person: $1,500 - $3,000

Expected Number of Awards: 2 - 3

Grant Deadline: July 9, 2021



*Virtual Exchange—The Time is NOW!


A project-based learning experience enabled by technology and coordinated between partners (peer-to-peer) that develops cross-disciplinary and intercultural skills — reaching across borders to help students critically consider, in varying ways, how connected we all are. Virtual exchange creates interactions with those that are different from ourselves and allows students and faculty to experience a more diverse world in a meaningful and productive way.

Helping students

  • Cultivate human-connection; developing cross-cultural dialogues
  • Gain a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of our global peers
  • Strengthen their ability to communicate and collaborate


“No one yet knows how fundamentally COVID-19 will reshape our society, or for how long. However, it’s reasonable to assume that international travel and even personal interaction will not be possible for many months to come. Yet there still is a real need for human connection as the world scrambles to understand a truly global crisis. This isn’t a time to abandon global learning. It is an imperative to continue to prepare students to contribute personally and professionally to the world they’ll inherit and lead, and virtual exchange makes this possible.” - Mohammed Abdel-Kader, Executive Director of the Stevens Initiative at the Aspen Institute.

While many institutions’ efforts around study abroad and global travel have been severely hampered for the immediate future, the positive aspects of international experiences are still too important to ignore. As such, the necessary pivot for colleges and universities to development more robust and codified virtual exchange programs is necessary.


Virtual Exchanges allow for an ability to…

  • Deepen connections of pre-existing study abroad programs
  • Support faculty in the development of new programs or enhanced classes
  • Increase mobility options for students who, for varying reasons, aren’t able to participate in traditional abroad experiences
  • Provide enhanced virtual class opportunities for all students in tandem with their current courses of study
  • Enhance/develop empathy skills in communicating across difference


The College of Liberal Arts Vision for Internationalization

The College of Liberal Arts is driven by a vision of sin fronteras” — a liberal arts education without borders, boundaries or barriers: opening doors, preparing students, insuring opportunity.




A liberal arts education that opens the world to our students through international educational opportunities

A liberal arts education that prepares students for an increasingly interconnected world

A liberal arts education in which every CLA student finds Cal Poly’s opportunities fully available to them ensuring all students can participate in the Cal Poly experience

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