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Theatre Arts Change of Major

Advisor/Department Chair/CoM Coordinator: Josh Machamer 805.756.1465

General Guidelines:

  • Review Cal Poly’s General Change of Major Policy in full

  • Students must complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly before entering into an Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA).

  • Students must be able to graduate in a timely manner. A realistic quarter-by-quarter graduation plan may be required to demonstrate whether this is feasible.

  • Students are allowed 1 ICMA per major. Students who do not meet the conditions of their ICMA will not be issued another ICMA for that major.

Step 1: Research

Step 2: Complete Change of Major Inquiry Form

  • Complete the Change of Major Inquiry Form in your portal.

  • You will receive an email response from the department within 10 business days regarding next steps.

Step 3: Meet Department Requirements

  • If you have been notified that you are Eligible to enter into an ICMA, you will need to make an appointment with Josh Machamer, Department Chair, to plan your transition.

    • Contact Josh Machamer at 805-756-1465 to schedule an appointment.

    • Be prepared to answer the following questions:

      • What is your commitment to the discipline as well as your career aspirations?

      • How do you see yourself being a successful member of the theatre program?

  • Enlist a faculty "sponsor" who will help guide students in the change of major process.

  • Write a two-page essay describing why you wish to change into theatre arts at Cal Poly and your projected professional goals as related to a theatre education. Student essays will be submitted to faculty sponsor and then presented to the faculty. The essay itself will be evaluated by the quality of written expression — including clarity, organization, and precision of thought, grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax as well as evidence of your commitment to the discipline and your potential for success in both major and post-graduation activities.

  • If a student is granted an ICMA, it will not exceed two quarters and will require:

    • Students must take/have taken TH210 and two additional Cal Poly Theatre Program academic or production courses.

    • Students must earn/have earned an average grade of B or higher in TH210 and the additional theatre program academic or production courses.

    • Students must have a cumulative Cal Poly GPA of at least 2.2 and be in good academic standing.

    • Students must be able to demonstrate, in writing, the ability to complete degree requirements within the minimum progress standards (204 units or four years plus one academic quarter).

  • Once a student meets the terms of the ICMA, they are admitted to their intended major.

    • Students who do not meet the conditions of their ICMA will not be issued another ICMA.

**The completion of coursework without prior consultation with the intended major department does not guarantee the student eligibility to switch into the intended major.**

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