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Art and Design Change of Major

Advisor/Department Chair: Giancarlo Fiorenza 

CoM Coordinator: Kristen Ghiglia 805.756.1148

General Guidelines:

  • Review Cal Poly’s General Change of Major Policy in full

  • Students must complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly before entering into an Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA).

  • Students must have been eligible for their intended major upon entry to Cal Poly (via the admission process).

  • Students must be able to graduate within 15 quarters (for first time freshmen) or 9 quarters (for transfer students) of first attendance at Cal Poly. A realistic quarter-by-quarter graduation plan may be required to demonstrate whether this is feasible.

  • Students are allowed 1 ICMA per major. Students who do not meet the conditions of their ICMA will not be issued another ICMA for that major.

Step 1: Research

Step 2: Complete Change of Major Inquiry Form

  • Complete the Change of Major Inquiry Form in your portal.

  • After you complete the form, you will receive an email response from the department within 10 business days to schedule a meeting with the department chair. The meeting with the department chair must be completed by the end of the third week of the fall or spring quarter

Step 3: Meet with Department Chair to Create an ICMA

  • At the meeting, an ICMA will be created. The ICMA will serve as a contract, and will be valid for two academic quarters, and will require: 

    • Submit and pass portfolio during the first quarter of the ICMA and

    • Cal Poly (CPSLO) GPA of 2.5 or two consecutive term GPA's of 2.7 with at least 12 units for each quarter of the ICMA 

    • Completion of any assigned ART classes with a major GPA of 2.7

  • Once a student meets the terms of the ICMA, they are admitted to their intended major.

  • Students who do not meet the conditions of their ICMA will not be issued another ICMA for this major and the ICMA will be denied.

Step 4: Submit Your Portfolio

  • After an ICMA is created with the department chair, the office staff will provide you with detailed instructions on how to submit your portfolio online. You will also be provided with a due date to submit your portfolio digitally. The portfolio due date is usually mid quarter. Your entire portfolio must be submitted by the due date, no exceptions will be allowed. For more portfolio information, see Portfolio Requirements.

  • You will only be allowed to submit one portfolio for one concentration and if denied, you will not be able to submit another portfolio for any other concentration.

  • You will be notified via your Cal Poly email if your portfolio was accepted by the end of the quarter in which you requested to change your major.

**The completion of coursework without prior consultation with the intended major department does not guarantee the student eligibility to switch into the intended major.**

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