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Academic Probation

Many students face academic difficulty at some point in their college careers - you are not alone. Being placed on academic probation or academic disqualification status can feel overwhelming and upsetting. CLA Academic Advisors, Department Chairs and faculty are here to support your academic journey and help you find success.

Step 1: Academic Probation Policy

Students whose term, CPSLO, or Higher Ed GPAs fall below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation (AP). Being on academic probation causes many students (and supporters) to feel confused, overwhelmed, and stressed. If that's you, take a deep breath-we're here to help!

Know Your Status

First, it helps to understand your status. The academic probation policy breaks down varying levels of severity into two statuses: Academic Probation Status and Disqualification Status. Be sure to read the difference between these statuses and learn more about which applies to you. Note that disqualification status does not automatically equate to dismissal from the university.

Step 2: Requirements for the College of Liberal Arts

Every student on academic probation in the College of Liberal Arts is required to participate in some type of intervention as a means of providing support to help ensure student success. All students will receive an email at the end of the quarter stating exactly what they are required to do and the deadline for completing it.

First-Year Students

First year students on academic probation for the first time after fall or winter quarter: Must participate in the “First Year Success” program. 

All first year students will work with the Mustang Success Center to complete their academic probation requirements.

New Transfer or Continuing Students

All other students will be assigned a specific intervention that is tailored to their academic needs. Since each student has a unique situation or set of circumstances, these interventions are designed to provide assistance and resources that are most helpful and appropriate for each individual student.

The interventions will range from completing a survey and utilizing resources, meeting one-on-one with an academic advisor, a peer mentor or a department representative, to reviewing and signing a “Student Success Contract”.


Disqualified Students

Students who are placed in academic disqualification status are notified before the beginning of the next consecutive regular quarter. All official notifications regarding disqualification will be sent to the Cal Poly email address of the student.

Appeal Process:

Students who are in academic disqualification status are given the opportunity to appeal for reinstatement due to extenuating circumstances that occurred during the quarter in which the student was placed into this status. If reinstated, students will be placed on an Academic Success Contract. Students who do not appeal for reinstatement or whose appeal is not approved will be dismissed from the university. Detailed instructions on submitting an appeal for reinstatement are included in the academic disqualification email sent to the student’s Cal Poly email.


Campus Support For Students on AP


Academic Skills Center

Campus Health and Wellbeing

Student Academic Services


Retroactive Withdrawal

If poor grades from a previous quarter were a reflection of extenuating circumstances beyond your control, you may want to talk with an Academic Advisor to evaluate if retroactive withdrawal is right for you. Read about retroactive withdrawal on the Office of the Registrar's website.


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