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Clone of Philosophy Department - College Based Fees - Letter 2012-13

March 20, 2013

Philosophy Majors:

The CBF committee elected this year is as follows:

  • Maddie DiPaolo,
  • Geoffrey Horsfield 
  • Jordan Rowley (chair)

All CBF money has been directed to pay for instruction. This expenditure is necessary to partly compensate for system-wide budget cuts. As a practical matter, this money went (or will go) to reserve half of the seats for philosophy majors in the following classes:

  • Fall: 313, 315, 317
  • Winter: 311, 312, 321
  • Spring: 314, 316, 342

Additionally, all of the seats in one section of PHIL 126 (section 01 in winter) were reserved for majors.

Please feel free to email me at  if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support of the department’s academic programs.


Tal Scriven, Chair
Philsophy Department



College Based Fees Plan 2013-14

October 9, 2013

CBF courses for 2013-14, as approved by last year's CBF committee are:

  • Fall: PHIL 311, 315
  • Winter: PHIL 126*, 321, 342
  • Spring: PHIL 314, 317

*All seats are reserved for PHIL majors in PHIL 126 through the first round of registration. In all other CBF courses half of the seats are reserved for PHIL majors through the first round of registration.

We requested that $3000 be used to fund student assistants but, recently, we have funded these from other sources.

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