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History Department - College Based Fees - Plan 2013-14

October 25, 2013

The History department’s College Based Fee (CBF) committee for 2013-2014 consists of the following students in History programs:

  • Samantha Bueche
  • Xander Davies (M.A. student)
  • Ian Day
  • Soquel Filice
  • Alex Fopma

James Tejani is the Faculty Advisor to the CBF committee.

The History department CBF committee met on October 25, 2013 and proposed updates to the plan as follows:

  • Total allocation of CBF funds will be used to support classes. 
  • This money will enable the History department to offer seventeen courses that are in high demand among majors and M.A. students.  The attached “Tentative Course Offerings” outlines the list of courses the committee proposes to receive CBF funds.

The committee’s recommendations were the product of discussion focused on which courses have greatest demand and importance on the ability of students to progress toward degree completion in a timely and expeditious manner.  The committee requested the CBF monies be used to reserve seats for history majors in high demand classes and to provide students with sufficient and reasonable breadth of options in their selection of major elective courses.  The committee identified these courses as follows (listed in priority order):

  1. Area F (HIST 354)
  2. 400-level non-US/ non-European classes
  3. 500-level graduate classes
  4. 300-level non-US/ non-European classes
  5. 300-level major required classes
  6. 200-level major required classes, Area D1 & USCP (HIST 201 & HIST 202)

In discussion, the committee continued to request that more non-US/ non-European classes be offered at both the 300- and 400-levels.  They also asked that the department offer more diverse courses at the upper levels, including the 500-level for M.A. students.  The committee also stressed greater diversity and options among offerings of the major-required courses, HIST 303 and HIST 304.


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