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Theatre & Dance - College Based Fees - Plan 2016-17

The Theatre Program’s CBF Plan for 2016-17 is to allocate departmental earmarked CBF monies for curricular purposes:

1. Course Support

Per the CLA FTEF breakdown, 16 units of TH classes have been identified as necessary CBF funded courses.

  • Four (4) units of TH 341 Advanced Acting Studio: Audition Techniques - Fall Quarter 2016, an elective within the major, being taught by resident artist at PCPA, Professor Karin Hendricks
  • Four (4) units of TH 270 Stage Make-Up - Fall Quarter 2016, a specialized elective within the major
  • Four  (4) units of TH 380 Theatre for Young Audiences - Winter Quarter 2017, a specialized elective within the major
  • Four  (4) units of TH 470 Selected Topics: Acting in Musical Theatre - Spring Quarter 2017, a specialized elective within the major

These courses were chosen for a variety of purposes, including popularity for majors, support for research, graduation through-put as well as four year pedagogical alignment and specialized skills.

The TH Program CBF Student Committee for 2016-17:

  • Beatriz Pereira
  • Antonio Mata
  • Tori Waner
  • Sabrina Orro

If you need any other information as it pertains to CBF and its implementation in our department, please let me know.


Josh Machamer
Chair, Theatre & Dance Department

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