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Student Awards 2014

University Senior Recognition Awards

Service to the Community

Ethan Lockwood (Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies)

Contributions to the Objectives & Public Image of the University

Daniel Barkin Brosnahan (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Contributions to the Objectives & Public Image of the College

Jerusha Beebe (Psychology) and Elijah Williams (English)

Academic Excellence

Jenna Davis (Communication Studies) and Camille Zumbro (Child Development)


CLA Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Each undergraduate and graduate program within the college is asked to select one graduating student who best represents the aspirations of the program, including demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to lifelong learning and service.

Outstanding Senior Awards

Anthropology and Geography | Sara Hannigan

Art and Design | Ali Albiani

Child Development | Camille Zumbro

Communication Studies | Jenna Davis

Comparative Ethnic Studies | Jewelea Rivas

English | Elijah Williams

Graphic Communication | Taylor McIntyre

History | Nicola Williams

Journalism | Sean McMinn

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies | Ethan Lockwood

Modern Languages and Literatures | Daniel Barkin Brosnahan

Philosophy | David Zollinger

Political Science | Joi Sullivan

Psychology | Sarah Dougherty

Sociology | Kailey Payne

Theatre Arts | Torin Lusebrink


Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

English | Kirsten Kensinger

History | Meredith Andre

Psychology | Rachel Robertson

Public Policy | Christina Lefevre Latner


Cal Poly Arts Awards

Each year the Cal Poly Arts Board of Directors selects recipients for the Student Arts Awards. These awards recognize current Cal Poly students who have either maintained high levels of involvement in the arts or who have executed superb, artistic-specific types of projects during his or her enrollment at the university.

Service to the Arts

Ali Albiani (Art and Design)

Excellence in Original Work

Bryn Hobson (Art and Design) and Elijah Williams (English)


CLA Club Council Awards

Each year the CLA Club Council asks all students in the college to submit nominations for an outstanding student that has made significant contributions to the college; a club of the year that has been actively involved and engaged throughout the year; and a professor of the year that has had a meaningful impact on students in the classroom.  

Student of the Year 

David Broekelschen (Political Science)

Club of the Year 

Political Science Club

Professor of the Year

Jasna Jovanovic (Psychology and Child Development)

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