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2023 CLA SURP: Summer Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity Program

CLA Summer Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity Program (SURP)

Request for Proposals, Summer 2023


Phase I: CLA Faculty Proposals due Wednesday April 5, 2023
Phase II: CLA Student Applications due Wednesday April 26, 2023
Phase III: Final Awardees announced Friday May 12, 2023 (or before)

Quick Details

Organizer: CLA
Award cycle: Summer 2023
Award amounts: $3500/student, $1500/faculty
Duration of SURP: 8 weeks of summer 2023
Donors: Circle of Giving, Dean’s Excellence Fund - College of Liberal Arts

Brief Description

This Request for Proposals is issued to solicit research topics in support of the 2023 CLA SURP. This is a multi-phased solicitation to support faculty research and creative activities while engaging undergraduate students in faculty-led scholarship.

Please note that the CLA SURP has four primary goals:

  1. Promote diverse and equitable engagement for CLA students in faculty-led research and creative activities.
  2. Enhance faculty participation in scholarship.
  3. Build lasting student-faculty mentoring relationships.
  4. Enrich a culture of scholarship in the CLA

For Faculty

  • The application to serve as a SURP Faculty Mentor in Summer 2023 is currently open and is due Wednesday April 5, 2023.
  • Faculty in all disciplines are encouraged to apply to serve as a research mentor in the CLA Summer Undergraduate Research/Creative Activities Program.
  • This program is open to all lecturer and tenure-line faculty in the CLA.
  • Faculty who have previously served as SURP mentors, including in Summer 2022, are encouraged to apply to serve as mentors in Summer 2023. 

Click here to download the SURP RFP

Click here to download the SURP RFP Evaluation Rubric


For Students

The Summer 2023 student application is not yet open. The application will be due on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. A student information session will be held in April 2023 during National Undergraduate Research Week (4/17 to 4/21/23).

When applying, students must specify to which position(s) they are applying. Students can apply for up to three positions. Please discuss your application with the relevant faculty contact and be specific as to which position you are applying.

Each application must contain the following sections. Please adhere to the word limit of 500 words per section. Please be sure to include your name and department.

  1. Personal narrative
  2. Description of interest in the project: Why is doing a SURP on this project of interest?
  3. Description of how the research experience will impact academic success (broadly defined as scholarly performance, professional development, future job attainment, etc.)
  4. Description of preparation to be a student researcher on the project (this can include coursework, prior experiences-formal and informal experience)


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