What is the DNVP?

Jan. 1919- While young and naive, Germany as a united entity has proven itself formidable in the face of adversity. Under Bismarck the dream of one German nation became a reality, and it is this reality to which the German people must be committed. After realizing our potential under the leadership of the Empire, Germans are once again forced to struggle to regroup politically, economically, and culturally.

The DNVP holds the solution to German woes. In our infancy we were unable to defeat our land hungry neighbors or keep our race free of impurities. From within, Germany has been spoiled by the liberal Revolution of 1918. Now is the time for nationalist idealism to reign supreme, for only the DNVP can regain German superiority.

By returning to German national thought and Christian morality, we shall recapture our glory. By recommitting ourselves to the subordination of individual interests in place of the stateís needs we shall succeed. By adopting a strict policy of inbreeding, Germans can ensure the supremacy of the nation. By resisting the false luring of Bolshevism and foreign trappings, Germany will rise again.

The Imperial colors of black, white, and red will unite Germans forcing them to recognize their duty to the state and to one another. Christian Guidance, subordination of oneís self to the fatherland, and the purification of the German race are the answers to the recovery of the Reich. From the young to the old, the intellectual to the laborer each has his own place in a unified, nationalist Germany. The DNVP will once again empower the German people.


Red Tide!!!

Jan 1919- In the wake of the 1918 Revolution, Germany finds itself again in turmoil. This time the liberal Weimar Republic is faced with the unrelentless progression of communist ideology into the heart of Germany.

On January second it became quite clear that the Baltic provinces were in serious danger of being overrun by radical Bolshevists. The Weimar government chose not to oppose the advance thus surrendering Riga and 1000 German civilians to the Communist onslaught. However, the attack did not stop in Riga as soon after the radical leftists were victorious here, they proceeded to take Mitau, Libau, and Windau facing futile resistance from the Latvian inhabitants.

It seemed the Republic was hoping that the red tide would voluntarily stop at the German frontier. However, not even a week after the Baltic Provinces fell, Berlin became the next victim. Led by the Independent Socialists Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, the Sparticide revolts erupted in the heart of Prussia. The former anchor of the German Empire, Berlin exploded into anarchy resulting in Sparticide control of Berlinís telegraph offices and banks. Liebknecht and Luxemburg were aided by foreign Bolshevist commanders Adolph Joffe and M. Radek. Thus proving that Germany must be aware of the Communist element outside German borders as well as inside.

The Bolshevist publication, Red Vorwurts, was so bold as to appeal to German soldiers to revolt against their own people. The reds are a divisive plague working its way through Germany that will not stop of its own accord.

After an entire week of deliberation the Ebert government finally recaptured the infrastructure of Berlin. But while the rebellion was subdued in Berlin it raged in Stuttgart where the Sparticides captured City Hall. Furthermore, Bremen has been overrun seeing the Bolsheviki take over the Soldierís and Workmenís Council and demand the resignation of the Ebert government. The Bolshevist menace must be brutally crushed or the red scourge will dismantle everything the German people have worked for.

Update on the Progress of Bolshevist Disease

March 1919- The Communist disease, it appears, has not yet been defeated. Prussian Saxony and Bavaria are the most recent targets of Bolshevist anarchy. Erfurt, Gera, Greiz, Halle, and Eastern Silesia are all in grave danger. Most dire of all is the situation in Brunswick where a Soviet Republic has been proclaimed. The Weimar Republic has yet again proven itself inept as the Communist menace continues to rear its ugly head. The DNVP does not believe in the Ebertís leadership to defeat the Bolshevists and fears that such rebellions will only continue to explode throughout Germany.

Weimar Republic Betrays Germany

August 1919- The National Assembly has just passed a new "German" Constitution. This liberal farce comes one month after this same National assembly ratified the Treaty of Versailles. Either document could ruin Germany alone, but under the guidance of both documents we face double the impending ruin.

The Weimar Constitution is a liberal document full of idealizations and unrealistic goals. It requires each province to draft its own liberal constitution as well. However, this document concerns itself more with an illusive bill of rights rather than a concrete economy with which to combat the Versailles Treaty. This document further proves the ineptitude of Germanyís leading politicians. The new constitution comes about without regard to the voice of the German people. For example, in January, upon the estranged Kaiserís birthday, several publications voiced their despair at the lack of strong leadership in the Ebert government. The Deutsche Tageszeitung states, "Now we live in a Socialist Republic, but the old German colors, black white, and red, are till dear to us. We again dream of that secret Kaiser...." Furthermore, the Coblenz Volks Zeitung reads, "He is spending his sixtieth birthday in a foreign country. He is an exile. Some there will be, however, who will think of him today with loyalty and veneration as in former days, especially when they consider the sad situation occupied by Germany at the present time." Does this liberal constitution address the true wishes of the German people as the Weimar Republic would have you believe? The German people want a government that will provide stern guidance and definite solutions, not a liberal constitution drafted by day dreamers and idealists.

As for the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles, the DNVP denounces any individual who conceded to the bullying of the West and demand its immediate repeal. The Treaty of Versailles demands impossible reparations from Germany. At the height of German power under the Empire, Germanyís income was 2,000,000,000 marks per year. Under the stipulations of the Versailles Treaty, Germany must now raise 17,000,000,000 marks per year. The French, American, and British tyrants are demanding an increase of 900 percent from the Central Governmentís revenue. Furthermore, the constituent states and municipalities must come up with a 100 percent increase, bringing their annual income from 3,000,000,000 marks to 6,000,000,000 marks. In order to achieve such asinine figures the German people will be crushed by taxes. The DNVP will not stand for such injustice, and we say that the current government does not accurately represent the German people. The Finance Ministerís proposed taxes combined with current taxes only provide for 3/5 of what is needed to meet Allied demands. This acceptance of the Versailles Treaty is an unacceptable betrayal by the Weimar Republic.

In addition, the DNVP recalls that as part of the Versailles Treaty the Rhineland territory was lost to French greed and Weimar betrayal is the reason. The Rhineland parties made a desperate plea to the National Assembly back in February stating, "We, the undersigned representatives of the Rheinish population in occupied Prussian territory, hereby protest in a most emphatic and earnest manner against the campaign being conducted in the foreign press for the separation of the left bank of the Rhine or parts thereof from the rest of Germany. Relying upon the universally acknowledged popular right of self determination, we demand that we be permitted to remain in the united German nation." This plea was not only ignored by tyranny of the West but by the Weimar Government as well. How can the current government claim to represent the German people when German pleas are ignored.

When the National Assembly was elected on January 19th of this year a total of 422 deputies were elected to accurately represent the German public. After this debacle it is clear that most of the deputies clearly misunderstand the wishes of Germany. Only 42 seats were captured by members of the Nationalist movement. If the Nationalists had a larger representation in the National Assembly such betrayal would never have happened.

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