Mary Forte

English 149

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
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Below you will find resources for English 149 and copies of the handouts and overheads I use in class. Check your syllabus to see which days we will be covering the class topics.


Syllabus, Class Schedule, Assignment Descriptions (class topics side)

Revising, Scoring, Checklists, Grading Codes

Sample Documents and Formats

Doc Spec Forms (class topics side)

Résumé Construction (class topics side)

Group Evaluation Forms

Class Topics — Audience Diversity Business Letters Business Letter FormatDefinitions and Descriptions Doc Design and Graphics Document FormattingDoc Specs and Audience AnalysisDocument Supplements Drafting EthicsInformal Reports Information Gathering Introduction: syllabus, class schedule, assignment descriptions Memos Messages Nasa Style Sheet Oral Presentations Organization and Accessibility Processes and Instructions Proposals Reports Résumé Construction Style Troubleshooting Guide Trade & Grade






Check that you have a copy of each of the following:


Revising, Scoring, Checklists

Scoring Chart

Grading Codes

Comments on Assignment Corrections (revision advice)

Checklist for Review of Assembly Directions

iFixit Checklist

Professional Journal Memo Checklist

Finding Peer Review Histories

Workshop: Recommendation Slides

Content and Organization Review (overhead)

Paramedic Method (overhead)

Engineering Writing Tips

Removing Be-Forms Handout

Quality Assurance Testing


Sample Documents and Formats

Brief Sample Memo of Transmittal (needs initials) (overhead)

Brief Sample Group Memo

Communication Improvement Letter Sample

Status Report Format

Sample Quiz Questions

Group Presentation Specs


Group Evaluation Forms

Group Evaluation Form (for the last week of class, print one for each of your group members--you do not need one for yourself)





Class Topics

Class topics listed in alphabetical order—print out as needed:


Audience Diversity

Audience Diversity (overhead)


Definitions and Descriptions

Types of Definition (overhead)

Formal Description (overhead)

Definitions and Descriptions Lecture Notes


Doc Specs and Audience Analysis

Each group member needs his or her own copy of the doc specs:

iFixit Guide Doc Specs

Group Presentation Specs

Types of Technical Readers (outline)

Readers' Needs (outline)

Levels of Formality (outline)

Tone Choices (outline)


Document Design and Graphics

Document Design PowerPoint Slides

Doc Design PowerPoint Notes

Visuals for Instructions (overhead)


Document Formatting (Microsoft Office Directions)

MS PowerPoint Beginner Directions (optional)

Word Formatting for XP OR Word Formatting for Mac and older PC versions

MS Word Tips

Word 2007 Formatting

Word 2011 for Mac Formatting

How to Format a Table


Document Supplements

Abstracts (overhead)

Sample Table of Contents (overhead)

Sample Table of Contents: Alternate Style (overhead)

Documentation Examples (overhead)

Document Supplement Notes



How Does Engineering Writing Differ? (overhead)

Thesis (overhead)

Drafting Notes

Parallelism and Consistency (overhead)

Concrete Detail



Excerpts from the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers


Informal Reports

Informal Reports (overhead)


Information Gathering

Range of Research (overhead)

Bibliographical Information (overhead)

Evaluating Internet Information

Finding Peer Review Histories



Syllabus: Spring 2014

Class Schedule: Spring 2014 (check regularly for updates)

Assignment Descriptions: Spring 2014


Messages: Memos and Business Letters plus Formats

Effective Messages (overhead)

Memo format (overhead)

Brief Sample Memo of Transmittal (needs initials) (overhead)

Brief Sample Group Memo

Business Letter Format I

Business Letter Format II


Oral Presentations

Putting Together a Professional Presentation (overhead)

Tips on Public Speaking

Group Presentation Grading Sheet (for your information only)

Presentation Strategies (ppt)


Organization and Accessibility

Methods of Organization (overhead)

Making Organization Obvious (overhead)

Organizational Markers (overhead)

Transitions (overhead)

Abstracts (overhead)


Processes and Instructions

Process Analysis (overhead)

Process Analysis vs. Instructions (overhead)

Instructions (overhead)

Visuals for Instructions (overhead)

Repair Guide Quality Assurance



Elements of a Proposal (overhead)

Form of a Formal Proposal (overhead)



Writing Reports (ppt)


Résumé Construction

Résumé Tips





Removing Be-Forms Handout

Style PowerPoint Slides

Clichés (overhead)

Engineering Writing Tips

Paramedic Method (overhead)

Professional Writing PowerPoint Slides


Trade & Grade

Trade and Grade


Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide Hints


Web Design

Web Design (overhead)