Dr. Johanna Rubba
English Department
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Last updated: 5/25/06

ENGL 495 - Language and Gender


This is your last writing assignment.

Write a reflective essay on your experience in this course. Please answer the questions below. You can answer them one by one or weave them into a general essay, but please make sure you cover all of them. You can also add information that the questions don’t ask for, if you wish.

The essay will count towards your participation grade, but will not be graded itself. Your essays will be available for pickup next quarter, probably with some response comments, but I won’t copy-edit them as I have done for the worksheets, and I won’t rate them ‘Very good’, etc. The purpose of the essay is to allow you to describe your honest response to the course and share with me how it has affected you without feeling pressured to please me or put in things you think I want to hear. Consider it along the lines of a journal entry.

Follow the usual formatting requirements: 1-inch margins all around; 12-pt. Times font; number pages, double-spaced. Length is fairly open; take 6 pages as your absolute maximum; I hope you've been provoked to think about things enough to produce at least two. I will appreciate it if you edit it carefully and put in effort to make it well-written, so that it will be easy and pleasant to read. Due date: Thurs., June 8, at exam time (4:10 pm).

Things I’d like to know:

1) To what extent do you feel that this course has enriched your knowledge base (with regard to language, but also with regard to other topics, such as culture or the nature of an individual)? How does it compare in this respect with other courses you’ve taken?
Has your outlook on life changed at all as a result of taking this course? Do you think it will affect your behavior in the future?
3) What do you consider the most important single insight this course has given you—the idea that had the strongest impact, or will stay with you for a long time?
4) Do you have any ideas for improving this course?

Thank you! And thanks for your contributions to the class!